Left Claims It’s “For The Children” To Nullify Second Amendment

second amendment SC Left Claims Its For the Children To Nullify Second Amendment

It is not about the little children and it never has been.  The Liberals have been hiding behind the “Children” just as a bank robber might hide behind a hostage.  Consider this:  The same people who are saying that we need more gun control “for the children” are the same ones who have been saying “we need the taxpayers to pay for abortions for anyone who wants one.”  If it had been up to the Democrats, some of these children might never have reached childhood because they could have been aborted.  You are crazy if you think the left cares a twit about the children.

The left has been trying to take away America’s Second Amendment for many years.  First they will say it is only the machine guns and that it is to protect the children.  Can anyone tell me of any child that has ever been killed by one of these guns they want to take away.  The fact is, the laws we have in place now would have prevented what has happened in any of these school shootings if the bad guys had simply obeyed the laws that are in place.  We have this little problem though: bad guys don’t obey the laws.  That is why they call them the bad guys.
If stricter gun laws were the answer, there would be no shootings in Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York.  There would not be any drug use violations because we have strict drug laws.  No pedestrian would ever be hit by a car because the pedestrian would not walk when the law said “Don’t Walk”  and a car would never go through a crosswalk when the law said “Stop.” No one would ever beat up their wife, or husband because we have laws against that.  The fact is, if you take guns away from the good guys, only the bad guys will be left with guns.  How do you think that will work out?
While the Conservatives have been mourning the deaths of the children killed in any of these schools, the liberals have been excited that there is another situation that just might help them take more freedom from the American citizens.  You might be thinking, that is a terrible thing to say.  I am thinking that is a terrible way for them to act.  It was Rahm Emanuel—one of the President’s advisors—who said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.  And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  I can just hear the people in the White House saying,  great news boss, we have a serious crisis in Connecticut that I think will help us do away the Second Amendment.  Then they can start on the First or Tenth Amendment.
Just a little math test for the Liberals out there.
1:  If there is a bad guy with a gun and he is 4 feet tall, and there is a good guy without a gun and he is 6 feet tall, who is the tallest?
     A:  They are the same height
     B:  The bad guy is taller because he has a gun.
     C:  It does not matter who is taller because the bad guy just shoot the good guy.
2:  If you have a bad guy who has a gun and he is 6 1/2 feet tall, and you have a good guy who    also has a gun and he is only 5 feet tall, who is the tallest?
     A: They are the same height.
     B:  They are the same height because they both have a gun.
     C.  It does not matter because when the bad guy saw the good guy’s gun, he ran away.
3:  If there is a bank with 5 cashiers, 1 manager, and 21 customers and none of the cashiers, manager, or customers have a gun because it is a “Gun Free Zone”, and a bad guy walks in with a gun and tells the cashiers to give him their money, how many might be killed?
    A:  None, because the bank manager explained that they didn’t have any guns.
    B:  27 because the bank robber already knew no one in the bank had a gun.
    C:  1, the bank robber, because he felt bad about what he was doing and shot himself.
4:  If there is a bank with 5 cashiers, 1 manager, and 21 customers and some of the cashiers, the manager, and some of the customers have guns, and a bad guy walks in with a gun, and tells the cashiers to give him their money, how many might be killed?
   A: None, because the robber didn’t see a “No Gun Zone” sign so he went to a different bank.
   B: 27, because no one in the bank wanted to hurt the robber, because he must have a reason.
   C. 1, the bank robber, because 1 manager, 3 cashiers, and 16 customers shot him.
Just something for our liberal friends out there to think about.
Did you know that if you take a gun, any gun, load it, cock it, and then just place it somewhere in public, it will not kill anyone?  Did you also know that if you take a gun, any gun and hide it somewhere, make sure there are no bullets in it, and just leave it in its hiding place.  If a bad guy found it he could use it to kill some one? But in either case, the gun was innocent.
In simple language, for our educated Liberal friends:
Cars do not kill people.  Bad or careless drivers kill people with their car.
Bicycles do not kill people, people riding bikes, but not being careful enough, die.
Guns do not kill people, bad people kill people, sometimes using a gun.
Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) (Creative Commons)

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  1. They willuse anything to take are guns that way they can control us completly and put us in fema camps and kill of alot of the population that is what they want they dont care about are safty or are kids

    • Both the OP and the above commenter need to take remedial high school English. Spelling and grammar errors.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Does his grammar bother you that much or is it you disagree with the message?
        I applaud the commenter for making the effort to support this cause, probably knowing he was opening himself up to ridicule.
        When you say OP, do you mean the author of the article? "max" is the "OP" which stands for original poster.

  2. If the Right to Bear Arms is taken away from law-abiding American citizens, there will be an armed insurgency right here in this country. There are way too many of us, law-abiding American gun owners, who will NEVER allow ANY government, even our own, to disarm us. I am willing to fight to the death to preserve my Constitutional rights. Get used to it libs, guns aren't going away but, if you try to disarm us, you might be.

  3. Guns don't kill "Children", the person behind the gun is the one that killed the Children. So more gun control will not do anything to stop the warped minds to keep from them from killing anyone. More guns off the street will only invite criminals to be able to "rob, kill and torture" anyone they please, since the peace loving folks won't have any way of defending themselves when the criminal pulls a gun, which the will definitely have when the criminal goes to do a crime. Where do you "birdbrains" have your minds, up to sewer?

  4. Yeah, it’s always for the children. If that’s the case that shows WE DON’T NEED GUN CONTROL SINCE THEY DECLARED IT A GUN-FREE ZONE!!!! And look what happened!!!

    “…. deep down in a liberal you’ll find a lazy coward”

  5. Talking to a liberal about any cause they espouse with which you for very good and cogent reasons might disagree is a total waste of time and breath. They are righteously convinced of their superiority to all who disagree with them, have all the answers before anyone asks a question and therefore cannot possibly know what the devil,they are talking about and will only accept that conservatives who believe in American exceptionalism, have Christian faith and traditional conventional morality are some sort of alien life form. Of course, that morality will not allow us to barter our freedoms in the name of multi-culturalism , loss of liberty
    and economic ruin or the murder of children paid for by taxpayer monies as law. For that, we are the enemy. Sad, isn't it?

  6. check out JPFO site and see what happened in the last century, when guns were taken from the public!

  7. US Army (retired) says:

    If guns kill people, cars cause drunk driving, spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat and pencils mispel words!

    "Whether the authorities be invaders or merely local tyrants, the effect of such gun control laws is to place the individual at the mercy of the state, unable to resist." — Robert Anson Heinlein, 1949

    Those who do not view armed self defense as a basic human right, ignore the mass graves of those who died on their knees at the hands of tyrants.

  8. AlwaysRIGHT says:

    Perhaps liberals will propose legislation to limit the number of matches in a hi-capacity pack of matches – in their lame way of reducing arson. Or limit the number of cans of beer in a case to reduce drunk driving and alcoholism. That's the liberal way – if they don't understand something, ban it. Then, move on, never look back, never look at the impact of their stupid legislation. For example, here's a fact about how those gun-free zones are working out. With only one exception since 1950, all incidents of mass shootings in USA have taken place in gun-free zones. The Batman Theatre shooting occurred at the only theatre in 20 miles that posted a sign prohibiting people with CCW or CCP to carry guns. The shooter chose THAT theatre when he had a dozen theatres within 10 miles of his residence… he didn't choose by size of theatre, closeness to where he lived, he chose it because it provided him a risk-free location to carry out his mad fantasy, compliments of democrats' stupid legislation and a never-ending ability to not learn from their mistakes.

  9. Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    But interpreted as:
    Keep the firearms away from the people, as the means to take away all of their freedoms!
    by making it only seem that a Militia is required for this duty, this freedom.
    When in fact it should read as: Since the people are the Militia their access and use of firearms shall not be infringed. But they do so any way. Where are those Stout, resolute, Citizens that took the oath of office or duty to defend the Constitution from All enemies both foreign or "Domestic" ?

  10. Outlaw democrats…they're the pro-abortionists that have killed millions of children.

  11. SantaClause says:

    The jackass liberals are hiding behind out dead childern to push gun controll !!! GUNS STOP THERE PUSH FOR DICTITORSHIP REGIME OF AMERICA !!!!!!

  12. I greive for the Children and their parents for the loss only they can truly feel. It is a tragedy tht could have indeed been prevented. Conn. has the 5th strictest laws on guns in the nation yet still a madman bent on doing such a horrid thing did it anyway. The left,the democrat's in congress and at local level's are are sadly hoping about gleefully as they have a tragedy to expoit and once more attempt to force gun contro and outright confiscation of firearms upon the law abiding citizen's of this nation. The Second A,mendment was crated to protect us all from tyrant's that also includes the idiot's thatwant us all disarmed sheeple and subject's under tyranny. Obama is about to sign the most agrevious document ever proposed as law. This is the NDAA 2013 indefinent detention of American's law. how any of our congress accepted and voted for this i do not know. the Feinstein proposal in it is horrendous. Much too late Rand paul found the hidden clauses in this insideous law, some of which are fully supported by so called Republican's. the left and Democrat's are about to declare martial law upon america. Be forewarned and be prepared my fellow patriot's i fear the Day has indeed come

  13. JacktheFAC says:

    Left always says its for the people when they take away the people's freedom. Hitler said the same thing when he took away the people's firearms and turned that country into one big prison.

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