Lawsuit: College fired administrator for being conservative

Photo Credit: OZinOH (Creative Commons)

Modern colleges and universities are largely beholden to a prevailing leftist ideology. Officials and professors often indoctrinate students with big government propaganda, providing no accommodation for those who wish to express a dissenting viewpoint.

Unfortunately, these same institutions are also defined by job security, meaning tenured staff members can spew virtually any outrageous opinion in the classroom and still maintain their position. As an administrator at one Kentucky college discovered, however, there is one perspective that is not tolerated on campus.

Kent Robinson, once the Jefferson Community and Technical College’s human resources director, was fired from the position last November. He is now suing the school, claiming he was let go because of his conservative values.

Claiming the school punished him for “sincerely held religious beliefs and practices” and “public displays of support for Republican candidates,” Robinson’s suit alleges the termination violated his First Amendment rights.

Furthermore, it seems Robinson was repeatedly ignored when he attempted to call attention to a number of inappropriate situations on campus.

When JCTC wanted to hire a convicted sex offender while retaining the services of an admitted payroll fraud, Robinson claims he was the lone voice of opposition. He also allegedly stood up for a black employee in the face of racism from another staff member and encouraged the school to punish an employee who engaged in gay sex with a prostitute on campus as classes were taking place. Each time, the suit contends, his input was ignored.

For those keeping score, this school is apparently comfortable employing any variety of sexual deviant, racist, or financial criminal. The only behavior considered worthy of a pink slip, Robinson says, is that of a conservative Christian.

Judging from the apparent abundance of criminal and immoral activity taking place among this school’s staff, it seems JCTC officials desperately want to keep these incidents hidden. Perhaps that is the real reason Robinson was fired. As a general rule, leftists are far more adept at lying about and covering up scandals than are conservatives.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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Photo Credit: OZinOH (Creative Commons)



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