Lawsuit: Arrest Led To Arm Amputation


A Pittsburgh, Pa. woman is suing local authorities after she said that deputies used excessive force when serving her with an arrest warrant recently. As a result of the treatment, Amy Needham said she lost one of her arms to amputation.

According to attorney Marvin Leibowitz, five deputies arrived to serve the warrant “for one little girl.”

When the 35-year-old told authorities she needed to use the restroom, he said they refused, “broke down the door and then they Tased her, grabbed her and they put her in a sheriff’s van.”

Leibowitz added that he believes deputies who placed her in handcuffs closed the restraints too tightly.

The lawsuit continues, alleging that Needham repeatedly requested a visit to the doctor upon her incarceration, though Liebowitz said those pleas were unanswered.

“They never sent her a doctor,” he said, explaining that she “developed a septic shock.”

As a result, Liebowitz alleged that her “infection went over and she almost died and they had to take off her arm to prevent her from dying.”

The mother of three young children is now permanently disabled and is hoping to receive a prosthetic replacement for her arm. She is also seeking a relatively small $75,000 settlement.

Reports indicate that her arrest stemmed from her absence from a previous hearing for what became a disorderly conduct charge. Now, Liebowitz claims, his client is suffering from significant physical and emotional trauma.

“She has severe psychological problems,” he confirmed. “I think she’s been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She doesn’t have an arm. How is she going to get a job?”

Law enforcement professionals have one of the most stressful jobs in existence; and those who perform their duties honorably deserve a deep debt of gratitude.

Unfortunately, more and more narratives depicting excessive force have made headlines in recent months. In enforcing the law, officers must themselves be constrained by its limitations.

While additional details will emerge as the lawsuit moves forward, the only information available at this point comes from Needham’s attorney. The agencies named in the suit have not yet issued a statement.

In a general sense, however, many Americans have identified a trend toward more aggressive behavior by law enforcement agencies across the nation. As the leftists currently in control of American policy continue grabbing more and more power over the citizenry, it is perhaps unsurprising that other authority figures feel compelled to do the same.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Larry Cates says:

    I hope this woman reconsiders the amount that she's suing for. She should be asking for millions now. Too many leo's out there acting like animals these days.

  2. NO excise for not letting her pee or see a doctor..what the hell gives here, and I agree she should sue for MUCH more!

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