Lawsuit Alleges IRS Gives Churches ‘Preferential Treatment’

Atheist SC Lawsuit alleges IRS gives churches Preferential treatment

The godless left consistently ignores the unique role of the church throughout America’s history.

At the head of the pack in almost any attack on believers is the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The group recently sued the Internal Revenue Service, alleging “preferential treatment of churches” by the government in providing tax-exempt status for houses of worship.

According to a press release, the lawsuit contends that churches should be forced to file the same tax forms as non-religious groups — including FFRF.

Much to the chagrin of the nation’s believers, groups like this seek to put churches on equal footing with any other non-profit organization. Such false equivalency is a common tactic among moral relativists and should be recognized as such.

The FFRF lawsuit ostensibly seeks accountability on the part of America’s churches.

A spokesperson for the group asked, “Why should churches be exempt from basic financial reporting requirements? Equally important, why would churches not wish to be accountable?”

In my estimation, this and other attempts to scale back the freedom of religious practitioners is, at least in part, aimed at outing those with politically incorrect views.

If successful, the lawsuit will require churches to reveal “how [they] spend donations,” the press release explains. One can imagine the calls to strip the tax-exempt status of churches who support traditional morals that fly in the face of secular humanism.

While championing the free speech rights of those who spread hate, leftists seem intent on stifling the expression of spiritual leaders trying to spread God’s love.

Church, representing the safest of all remaining harbors for freely expressing one’s faith, is continually criticized by those who worship at the altar of liberalism.

FFRF has used tax policy as the basis for litigation in at least two other instances, including a suit filed just months prior that sought to roll back housing tax breaks for clergy members.


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