Latinos Vote For Death


Tuesday gave us yet another reminder that chasing after the Latino vote is a self-delusional exercise for Republicans. They aren’t interested in our values and never will be.

The plurality Hispanic Albuquerque New Mexico had a chance to vote down late term abortions, which are arguably the vilest of infanticides, but decided not to do so. The vote was a 55/45 landslide for death and Democrat politics of doing anything including killing babies to satisfy their depraved supporters.

In a special election to determine the moral rectitude of the people of Albuquerque they decided that taking orders from their Democrat masters and do their bidding, is more important than the lives of their own innocent children. So much for the notion of the strongly “family centered” Latino community.

The turnout was unusually high for an “off” cycle Election Day.  While only 70, 000 of the city’s 360,000 voters cast a ballot in last month’s mayoral election, 87,000 turned out for this ballot.  This landslide was not an accident. The Hispanics in Albuquerque showed us why they can never be converted to Republican voters.

Cloaking her support for murdering innocent babies in rhetoric, Micaela Cadena of the Respect ABQ Women campaign said “Albuquerque families sent a powerful message today: They do not want the government interfering in their private medical decisions.  Dangerous, unconstitutional laws like the one we rejected today have no place in Albuquerque, no place in New Mexico, no place anywhere in our nation.”

The percentage of all abortions that are committed on babies after twenty weeks is just 1.3%. Nevertheless, this small concession never had a chance of being accepted by those bent on murder for convenience. There is no chance to have an honest dialog with abortionists. They will not ever be persuaded to compromise in any way.

The larger lesson here is that those who believe importing more Hispanics via amnesty will miraculously bring about a glut of conservative voters who will perpetually vote Republican had better think again.

The Hispanics are politically smarter than the African Americans. They understand that they can play Republicans and get “goodies” from them as they do their electoral fan dance. They make hapless Republican fools like Karl Rove believe “this time” they will finally get the Latino vote only to hear a chorus of  “gracias for the bennies senior” as Latinos once again line up to pull the lever for the Democrats.

The GOPe needs to learn the lesson of Albuquerque.

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  1. So sad to here about this vote that the Lations voted for the babies to die shows they are NOT for the family.

  2. Micaela Cadena you are an idiot

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Goes to show you these spics don't give a shit about life. All these groups portray the latinos as good God fearing family orientated people. They're no better then anyone else in the democrap party and most of the drug pushers are spics.

    • We need to take care that we separate those who are American from those who are not, I'm not certain how to do that anymore, our land has been invaded by enemies, many are mexicans , many are from other nations, mixed within these invaders are those who have come from these same enemy nations, how do we differentiate them from the invaders when speaking of the enemy that have poured out of their originating nations? These few who have immigrated here and have embraced America would stand at our sides and fight to defend her, to defend freedom. I guess the only answer is this, for those who identify with being mexican or Iranian or chinese or a muslim , that is what they are, they defined their loyalties, they defined themselves not as Americans but as enemies of America. So , I have answered my own question , any who take offense because we will not roll over for the enemy, be they mexican, iranian , muslim, whatever the case may be have defined their loyalties , they are not American.

  4. Those goes to show you the American citizen what is on the minds of these spics, latinos, sinners, non-Christians, and those are just here for free hand outs. I demand actions to enforce the laws which are already their. Obama enforced his crooked laws of us, but fails to enforce them on himself, muslims, lationo and other ethnic groups who are not US Citizens. We need to for lawful groups deputized by the Us Marshalls Office and DOJ to go around and arrest and enforce the laws. That is the Law.

  5. To invade a country is easy, when the nation the invaders are conquering is so arrogant and so spoiled it does not even know what is happening. This is not gong to be as easy as the enemies of America think it is going to be, before this is over, America will defend herself from these enemies , we will triumph! Their time grows shorter daily, they have underestimated America, we will take back our country , we will recognize these animals for what they are just as we are beginning to recognize obama for what he is. The day is growing close, that we, Americans , will conquer the enemy and drive them from our land.

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