Watch: If What This Guy Just Said Is True, Liberals Around The Country Will Be Losing Their Minds

Jim Lacy FI

Jim Lacy, American Conservative Union Board Member, was on Stuart Varney’s Fox Business Network show to discuss the problems of Obama’s administration “picking and choosing winners and losers” of California businesses.  He sites Tesla being a company that is exempt from environmental regulations, but not other ones.

“I want to ask you about California’s governor Jerry Brown,” Stuart said. “He has offered Tesla, the electric car, the green electric car company, he’s offered them all kinds of tax breaks and he’s going to wave environmental restrictions if they build their big factory in the state. What’s going on with this?”

“They’re trying to do a jam job in the legislature right now, to put $500 million of California taxpayer’s funds into Tesla and to basically loosen all environmental regulations so they can fast track,” said Lacy.

“Manufacturing is in terrible shape in California,” he continued. “We’ve lost 40 percent at manufacturing jobs since 1990, GM is gone, Ford is gone, Caterpillar and International Harvester are gone, Toyota is leaving and Chrysler is gone. And as you know and we’ve talked about, the Campbell’s soup factory, after 100 years, the Democrats allowed that to close because the whole reason of high taxes and tough regulations.”

“Well now, they’re picking and choosing. Now they are saying because Tesla is ‘green’ we’re going to allow all these benefits to go over to Tesla to create 6500 jobs, and you know Stuart, it’s Socialism. It’s command economy. It’s picking winners and losers.”

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  1. Frank Salomani says:

    Justin this article is just promoting thievery at the gas pumps. you must look beyond the smoke screen this article is creating and you will see BIG OIL written all over it.
    Big Oil will never allow RENEWABLE ENERGY to gain a foot hold , and will do and say anything it can to stop it.
    Pollution will destroy us all…..If Tesla is the solution to pollution then so be it. Don't become one of many trapped in the deep pockets of BIG OIL as there is enough politicians in those deep pockets already.

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