Labor Day, Or Capital Day?

labor b Labor Day, or Capital Day?

Today, millions of Americans from across this great nation are taking a much-needed respite from the cares of the world, gathering with friends and family, and celebrating Labor Day. On this important day, we must remember what we’re celebrating. And what we’re not celebrating, but should be.

Labor day has become such a quintessential American holiday that many of us would be surprised to learn that it was created to celebrate labor unions. As its name suggests, Labor Day honors laborers. It was declared a national holiday under President Grover Cleveland over 100 years ago in order to appease striking labor unions.

And there’s nothing wrong with giving the workers their due. Laborers helped build this country and make it the economic marvel of the modern world. But that’s only half the story (and the lesser half at that). The other half that we really should be celebrating is capital.

We owe our prosperity mainly to the job creators, not the workers themselves. The efforts of the workers would be in vain without the entrepreneur to create jobs for them to work, or without the investor to put up money to build and grow the business.

So remember this day to raise a glass to the workers who power the economy of this great nation. But don’t forget the innovators, the investors, and businesspeople who had to bleed and sacrifice first before the workers could even get to work. They are the true stars of this show.

Happy Labor/Capital Day!

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  1. I don’t know about others in America on Labor Day, but I Labored, I worked. I had a job to do, and I went and did it, then celebrated the day that is meant to honor those who WORK FOR A LIVING! This Day is for those who EARN WHAT THEY HAVE, NOT FOR THOSE WHO TAKE FROM THE SWEAT AND LABOR OF OTHERS BY TAKING FREEBIES FROM THEM! Those people should have gone into a closet and shut the doors from sheer embarrassment and shame for being useless and lazy! I am not talking about the MILLIONS of WORKERS WITHOUT JOBS! Those people deserve our help, and respect! Those who do not EARN a living, you know who you are, and on this day, this occasion, I will only say to you, GET A JOB AND SHAME ON YOU! The Bible has some advice for you, “consider the ant, thou sluggard”! Sluggard is the exact word for those of you who sit upon your couches and asses and let the Hard Working Americans feed, clothe and house you! May all your food turn to worms, your clothes fall off you, and your houses fall in upon your lazy heads, and this country, May she turn on you, just as you have TURNED ON HER AND ROTTED HER FROM THE INSIDE OUT WITH YOUR CORRUPT “leader” who will support you for only a short time, and then………..HE WILL TURN ON YOU TOO AND THEN YOU WILL HAVE LESS THAN THE NOTHING THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE! Take it to the bank, one day very soon, your “savior” is going to TURN ON YOU ALSO AND BITE YOU ON THE ASSES! This EVIL “man” is a FRIEND TO NO ONE!!!!!!! Labor Day? Go get a job, any job, then join those of us who know what this Day really means!

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