Kwanzaa: Virtually Gone – Except For The Hard Left


Last year Ann Coulter wrote that Kwanzaa was only observed by “presidential–statement  writers and white female public school teachers.”  She was almost right. Kwanzaa is celebrated by a few groups but none of which are more well represented than white female liberal public school teachers (WFLPST).  This is true because most public schools are closed during Kwanzaa season and of course the teachers don’t work during the week of December 26 to January 1st. Consequently, all but the hardest of hard core leftists will blow off Kwanzaa.

The hard core Left cannot resist an opportunity to tell Black Americans what to do. The irony of the creation of Kwanzaa is that it came about as the realization of the malevolent dreams of an incarnated Black felon. He was serving time for a savage attack on two Black women; one whose face was seared with a steaming hot clothes iron. The “inventor” of Kwanzaa did so to try to get Black Americans to abandon Christmas because it is a “white holiday.”

This , of course, attracts liberals who look at Blacks as subjects who must be told: what to do; when to do it; where to live; where to go to school; and how to speak. They must be convinced that nothing is immoral except voting Republican. They must be instructed on what to think about important issues and that they must never deviate from what their masters’ order. Nevertheless, keeping a whole race of people on the Liberal Planation is not easy.  It takes constant positive and negative reinforcement. This is where the WFLPSTs step up.

Since Christianity is the last remaining obstacle to a total victory by the Godless Socialist Left, steering Black public school children away from “Whitey’s holiday” is an important assignment for the WFLPSTs. They must play the part of parents here since almost no adult Black Americans celebrate Kwanzaa or know much about it.

As far back as 2006 the National Retail Federation, (whose business is knowing what people want to buy), did a survey that found just 2.3 percent of Black Americans celebrate Kwanzaa. It has since revised its estimation of Black Kwanzaa participants downward to 1.25 percent.
The WFLPSTs have a tough job and fortunately it’s getting tougher. Maybe by next year instead of talking about the start of Kwanzaa on December 26th this site can run a post explaining Boxing Day.


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  1. Kwanzaa another fools game to fit right in with Ebonics that was pushed back in the late 70s and then again in the mid 80s.
    It seems that every so often we have to have some fool dream us something silly to attempt to push down the throats of the civil society….. What will the Commies in our society dream up next???

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