Knowing Bergdahl – Part 4: Obama Administration Threatened Troops’ Families To Hide Truth About Bergdahl

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Editor’s note: In case you missed it, read part 1part 2, and part 3

Author’s note: As much as possible, I have refrained from editorializing and let these compelling quotes speak for themselves.

The soldiers I spoke to, “Jimmy” and “Ron,” and the Pentagon official were very afraid and talked extensively about how they had been directly, verbally threatened by officials, officers, and civilian staff from this administration.

“This White House and its State/Defense Departments actively silenced our troops and the Pentagon through threats, intimidation, and smear campaigns. They never stopped.” –Pentagon official

”This government has inflicted a terrible campaign of threats and intimidation on the infantrymen, officers, and commanders in AFG at the time of Bergdahl’s defection; CIA and intelligence officers and military brass at the Pentagon have been forced to sign egregious NDAs, gag orders and to take polygraphs on a regular basis to ensure their silence. It’s been Draconian and Kafkaesque.” –Pentagon official

“These brave Americans were made to sign—literally forced to sign—unusually restrictive non-disclosure agreements. It was obvious to them and obvious to us at the Pentagon, that this administration was silencing our soldiers who knew the truth about Bergdahl. They were constructing their own false narrative at that time to sell to the American people. It just wasn’t true and twisted the facts 180 degrees.” –Pentagon official

“The Army brass and Pentagon quickly moved to shut us all up by forcing us to sign NDAs and let us know what would happen if we spoke to civilians or the news media about what happened with Bergdahl. They have continued to contact soldiers who were there with phone calls from unknown numbers and making threats. Even now, as so many brave soldiers who were in Bergdahl’s platoon are coming on TV and telling their truths, there are so many more who are afraid to speak out against this White House’s interests.” –Pentagon official

“All that remains now, is for all of us honest Americans who know the truths of this outrage, to come forward aggressively and honorably. We need to come forward about Bergdahl and Benghazi now. We know what the word ‘honor’ means; we’ve lived it through our service to America. Though we’re all afraid, we now need to speak out, without fear. Though this administration has made terrible threats to us, there’s nothing they can do to stem the tide of decent people who know the truth coming forward. Once we all tell our truths, the game will be over and this government will be removed. As they should be.” –Pentagon official

“The threats against them and their families have been consistently relayed at these times and more recently, as the WH was preparing for their big Rose Garden press conference announcing Bergdahl’s exchange. They’ve been saying ‘Tell all your people at the Pentagon and in the field that they must not speak to other military, the news media or civilians under any circumstances.’ They were preparing to spring this big lie about ‘bringing one of our own home.’ You cannot imagine the chilling effect this had on Americans who had risked their lives for our flag.” –Pentagon official

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  1. bobm001 says:


    • This article is not about Bergdahl, this article is about the lengths that the WH dictator will go to in order
      to hide the truth.

  2. mutantone says:

    Coercion noun 1. the act of coercing; use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance. 2. force or the power to use force in gaining compliance.

    sounds about right for the Obama administration after all treason is right up their bailiwick so Coercion would be a minor adjustment.

  3. Our military personal must not have any honor left in them if they let a commie like Obama silence them,what if he told them to open fire on American citizens?would they follow orders because of fear of retribution?

  4. Bergdahl was not one of our own. He proved to be a deserter and help the enemy. He should have been shot by friendly fire for deceiving America, not promoted. How could he be promoted if he didn't take their promotional test for a higher pay grade. Just great Obunghole. reward the criminal and punish the veteran who is willing to give his life for your sorry ass. You should be ashamed of yourself, and all the fools you hired to protect your corrupt communist back. Maybe that is why your so intent to protect Bergdahl. He is not an American just like yourself.

  5. Michael says:

    Screw is Obama who needs to be tried for treason and placed in a cell

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole was looking for a way to get away from all those sandals that he didn't know about.So he thoughtma tear jerking story about him giving away 5 dream team terrorists for a deserter was goingto do the trick.Boy was Sambo wrong.

  7. I'm surprised his unit didn't frag him, but I suppose they didn't know he was a turncoat before all this came out? When I wore the Army green I was proud, and I would've done anything to help my brothers in arms, never and I mean NEVER would it of crossed my mind to desert from my brothers especially in a combat zone where every man counts! Shame on you sir for this coward act, and shame on Obama for standing behind this piece of human garbage!

  8. arthur fryer says:

    let me tell you people something about Berdahl: 1) when he told his friends after getting out he faked or lied about his mental state, he did so to get out of the coast guard. this alone is fraud and subject to punishment under the UCMJ. 2) he had informed his female friend about everything he was planning on doing before sending his personal stuff to her and then ask someone in his unit if it would cause a problem if he left and took sensitive material with him. okay this alone proves his intent to leave and not come back. 3) Berdahl leaves his post and makes contact with afgan people looking for someone who speaks English so they can help him make contact with the talaban so he can talk to them. 4) his parents have been in communication with the talaban and there son since July 2009 and have been allowed in secret meetings from Boise Idaho via phone at the headquarters of the national guard while at the same time Bob berdahls the father sends emails to the talaban that the U.S. is disengaging in afganistan or changing the nature of battle. well where did he get that info and how much more did he tell them. 4) then Obama is in afgan on the 1st of May 2014 and tell the troops that the war is winding down and there is a prisoner swap in the works which tells me he knew it was going to happen on the 31st of May 30 days before it did. the thing about berdahl is a scandle where the white house plans on giving him a hero look and he gets 100% disability while all other veterans keep fighting for there's. there is a lot more to this story and it needs to be told to the nation.

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