Kindergarten Students To Receive Gay-Centric Lesson Plans

gay pride flag 3 SC Kindergarten students to receive gay Centric lesson plans

October is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History Month – the second month of the year we’re told to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle. The first, of course, is Gay Pride Month. The gay community apparently needs a great deal of attention.

Black history (and presumably pride, as well) is celebrated during just one month, despite the fact that blacks make up more than 13 percent of the population. Somehow, an incredibly small, incredibly vocal minority of homosexuals require two months for the great advancements they’ve evidently bestowed upon society.

How small is the group? While polls suggest many Americans believe as many as one in four are gay, estimates put the total at a mere two percent.

Not only does a sliver of the American citizenry claim one-sixth of the year for its own self-indulgence; school kids as young as five are being forced to take part in the celebration.

A Florida school board voted on a formal resolution to include an LGBT history curriculum for its K-12 students. The decision came one year after California added gay history to statewide school standards.

I contend that sexual proclivity should not be discussed in kindergarten. This is pure indoctrination. Teachers are touting the merits of a lifestyle many view as sinful, and the target audience is quite literally captive.

Liberal idealists will call me naive; but for all their talk of inclusion, wouldn’t celebrating American history and American pride year-round help everyone feel as if we’re part of the same team? Instead, the left reverts to their default setting of separating everyone based on skin color, gender, or sexual preference.

This type of divisiveness has no place in America and, more importantly, should not be tolerated in the nation’s state-controlled classrooms.

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  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Isn't it great that we're going to tell our 5year old that it's alright to suck dick or eat a vagina.Personally I have friends and a granddaughter who are gay but what they do behind close doors is their business.But to tell young impressionable children it';s alright to swap spit with a person of the same gender is morally wrong.Let them be kids.

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