Kill ObamaCare By Starving It To Death

Obamacare SC Kill ObamaCare by starving it to death

The online exchange system is the Achilles heel of the Affordable Care Act. If there is not an ObamaCare exchange doing business in a state, no one can enroll for ObamaCare coverage; and Mr. Obama’s namesake “healthcare” plan will literally starve to death. But the American people must also do their part to assist in the death of ObamaCare and end the left’s drive to single payer insurance.

Just 17 states have agreed to build an ObamaCare exchange. And with October 1st, the grand opening day for ObamaCare enrollment rapidly approaching, not one of these states is ready to complete the business of enrolling customers and selling healthcare insurance.

The remaining 33 states have refused to spend as much as the projected $100 million for the privilege of having Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius dictate insurance policy to state officials and citizens. The federal government (HHS) must build and run the exchange in each of these states. And Sebelius’ HHS minions must somehow do that building and running without funding as Congress provided none in the Affordable Care Act for federally created exchanges!

However, depending upon ObamaCare to ultimately fail on its own is dangerous business. The people responsible for this national assault on liberty are shrewd, resourceful, and utterly without scruples. After decades of effort, they have at last arranged a “legal” means of turning the Constitution on its head, obtaining a complete personal dossier on every ObamaCare enrollee and exercising the power of life and death over each of them. They will not relinquish  possession of this golden opportunity to wield absolute power without one Hell of a fight.

Though circumstance is in many ways already stacked against the long-term existence of ObamaCare, a proactive approach by the American public will go far in driving a final stake through the heart of this Marxist monstrosity. Twila Brase, President of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom, puts it very simply: “The [ObamaCare] Exchange needs lots and lots of young, healthy and employed individuals to enroll to pay for all the people with pre-existing conditions who will enter the exchange because that’s the only place they’ll find coverage. If the young, healthy and employed refuse to enroll, the Exchange becomes financially unsustainable. It will implode. And if it does, it will be impossible to implement Obamacare.”

The clear message–refuse to enroll. ObamaCare can be destroyed if the young especially refuse to sign up. Insurers have been told by ObamaCare officials that they can increase the number of insureds on their books by millions, enabling them to make a handsome profit even in the face of having to provide coverage for those with pre-exisiting conditions. That almost limitless number of new insureds will consist of the young and healthy, kids perhaps decades away from needing significant healthcare coverage and whose ample presence on insurance company rolls must easily offset the dollars spent on the older and less healthy.

BUT, if the numbers in the high risk group are not adequately counterbalanced by the low risk, insurers stand to lose a fortune. Most if not all companies will be unwilling to sign up for a second year of ObamaCare roulette. Rates will skyrocket for existing policy holders; and without enough players, the impossible ObamaCare Ponzi scheme will collapse.

Through the rest of the year, ObamaCare officials will pour millions into state and federal outreach programs, hoping to convince Americans of the benefit of enrolling in the Affordable Care Act. The rest of us must make certain that young people, already averse to spending unnecessary dollars on healthcare, understand that the Affordable Care Act translates into high-priced premiums and limited choice–little more than “Medicaid for the Midlde Class.”

The authors of ObamaCare have done everything in their power to ride roughshod over the rights of the American public. We’ll have to redouble our own efforts in order to retain those rights.

Photo Credit: Fresh Conservative (Creative Commons)

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