Key Reasons For A Romney Win On Tuesday


Mitt Romney with supporters 2 SC Key reasons for a Romney win on Tuesday

Rather than try to follow each and every poll result, an impossible task even in midterm years, look at a few persuasive election numbers.

According to a Rasmussen, Indiana poll, Mitt Romney currently holds a 52-43 lead over Barack Obama. In 2008, Obama edged John McCain by 1 point. So Romney has turned the vote around by 10 points. This means that Republicans who undoubtedly stayed home in 2008 are not going to miss the opportunity to throw Obama from the White House. And it’s a cinch that any number of Democrats who voted for Obama the first time around will be voting for Romney after having seen the damage The One has done to their nation.

In 2008, McCain won Montana by 2 percentage points. Rasmussen has Romney up by 10. Sure, Montana is not a Democrat stronghold. But the numbers in these two states make it clear that Republicans will be voting in numbers reminiscent of the blowout in 2010. In fact a Gallup poll has given Republicans a 3 point edge in voter turnout. Polling results in Indiana and Montana make this quite believable and extremely deadly to the Obama campaign. For Republicans have turned out in dramatically increased numbers in early voting this year and will go to the polls in even greater force on Election Day. Therefore the enthusiasm edge enjoyed by the Republican Party in virtually every major poll nationwide will bring Romney an electoral vote total which may stun mainstream media pundits on Tuesday night.

Early voting results in Ohio offer what must be a big concern to the Obama campaign. In 2008, Obama totaled over 700,000 early votes. This year his total is just 557,000, a loss of 150,000 votes. Republicans earned 370,000 early votes in 2008. Romney’s total is now 480,000. Altogether there is a swing of some 260,000 votes–more than the total number by which Obama won the state in the last election! Just 70,000 votes now separate the candidates, a far cry from the 330,000 vote disadvantage faced by McCain.

So from Indiana to Montana to Ohio, more Republicans are voting, fewer Democrats and many of the Democrats who are casting their votes are undoubtedly doing so for Mitt Romney.

Finally, two very experienced and trusted election mavens have declared Romney to be a big winner on Tuesday. George Will and Michael Barone both believe Romney will win by a wide margin, collecting more than 300 electoral votes. As an old friend used to say, “From their lips to God’s ear.”

By the way, those invariably classy supporters of The One have “stepped up riot threats” should their lord and master lose the election. One thing is certain—the United States will be much better off facing a few riots than another four years of the Marxist, Chicago thug inhabiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Photo Credit : Gage Skidmore Creative Commons

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