Kentucky Students To Michelle Obama: Your Food ‘tastes Like Vomit’

Michelle Obama SC Kentucky students to Michelle Obama: Your food ‘tastes like vomit’

Students in a rural Kentucky county — and their parents — are the latest to join a growing national chorus of scorn for the healthy school lunches touted by first lady Michelle Obama.

“They say it tastes like vomit,” said Harlan County Public Schools board member Myra Mosley at a contentious board meeting last week, reports The Harlan Daily Enterprise.

The growing body of USDA meal regulations implemented by the Department of Agriculture under the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010″ has long been a signature issue for the first lady.

Denizens of Harlan County don’t much care, though. Their primary concern at the board meeting was a bevy of complaints that local children are starving at lunch — and for the remainder of the school day — because the food on offer in the cafeteria is crappy and there isn’t nearly enough of it.

“Kids can’t learn when they’re hungry!” parents shouted to the board, according to the Enterprise.

Read More at The Daily Caller .  By Eric Owens.


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  1. Hmm — the O's bloom is off the rose and people do not fall down at their feet as much

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  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I'd like to know by what right does the government have to control our food supply. What right do they have to tell a person what to eat or not.
    There is no 'obesity epidemic'. It's all a farce to take control of another aspect of our lives.

    We've seen the type of people included in these 'obesity' counts. 10 year old Cameron Watson was just one of these kids that was called fat. This multi-sport athlete and wrestling champion is roughly 94 pounds, but his school said in a letter that based on his BMI, the child is overweight. If you look at this kid, you'd seriously question what is then considered fit if this kid is fat.

    First they went by the BMI. They finally figured out that muscle weighs more than fat so they are trying to switch to waist measurements. The trouble with this is, when properly tested, a majority of these kids are not in the 'obese' column. There would then be no 'data' to support their claim of an 'obesity epidemic'. What then would they have for propaganda to take control?

    The government, and busybodies, need to keep their noses out of other peoples business. People are not going to just roll over and let you take control of the food supply

  3. Hold an alternate event, somewhere else, and boycott her appearance, if you lose your petition.

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