Just When You Think Obama’s Foreign Policy Couldn’t Get Any More Misguided…He Says This!

President Obama told reporters in a special press conference Thursday that “Iran can play a constructive role if it is helping send the same message to the Iraqi government that we’re sending, which is that Iraq only holds together if it’s inclusive and that if the interests of Sunni, Shi’a and Kurd are all respected.”

Yet this may be wishful thinking on Obama’s part, as the chief of general staff of Iran’s armed forces, Hassan Firouzabadi, told reporters on Wednesday that Iran will never cooperate with the U.S. in fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

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  1. the Muslim Brotherhood again leads the way with Obama's foreign policy

  2. Casey Good says:

    Obama you are domber then a box of rocks it you actually think iran will ever help you i am embarrassed to call you my president you are driveing this country to bankruptcy. So instead of sending billions of dollars to help other countries to help them how about you take that money and actually help your people and your country do your job and one more thing quit tring to buy friend and allies with other counries that will only get you stabed in the back thank you.

    From a concerned american Casey Good

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