Just Tell The Truth, Communists

Handle Truth SC Just Tell The Truth, Communists

I had a shouting match with a communist organizer last month. He set up a petition to recall Sheriff Joe Arpio outside the public library in Scottsdale, Arizona. He saw me coming and started waving his petition and yelling at me to sign. I don’t want to join the Communist party, and I don’t feel like giving up my freedom to join some club full of crackpots. I’ve been hearing about the communist agenda for fifty years. I’m really tired of hearing about it. So I yelled “Commie” at the guy.

That made him mad. He started yelling back at me, and it turned into a showdown. We attracted a crowd. They started laughing, so he took his petition and left. There are only a few public places that people gather, and the communists found them all. They obviously took my picture and put it on the communist I-cloud. Total strangers are coming up to me and arguing about communism now.

I’ll tell you what I said to them.

Communism is like an old tired ideology that was useful 75 years ago but has really run its course. You can’t be a communist in a Constitutional Democracy because it’s like pounding a square peg into a round hole. American law is based on contract law and individual rights. Communism is a collective, where a handful of elitists make the decisions for you.

I can bore a communist to death. They get up and leave because communism itself is boring. These are people who spend their entire lives not having fun. They are completely self-absorbed, and they have some sort of self-hate that they take out on others. Communism is like inviting the most boring person you ever met to your birthday party.

I also told them that they need to tell people that they’re communists and not go sneaking around pretending to be Democrats and Republicans. If communism is so wonderful, they why don’t they want to share the message? No, they have to confuse everybody -because they’re completely insane!!

Photo credit: rot ist die farbe der hoffnung (Creative Commons)

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  2. Sideshow says:

    Good article…except we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a Constitutional Democracy…

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Kudos to you for sending this commie packing.The only trouble is Obutthole has a bunch in his administration.

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