Just Let It Happen, Boehner

John Boehner SC Just Let It Happen, Boehner

Following the reelection of Barack Obama, the rhetoric coming off of Capitol Hill concerning the “Fiscal Cliff” has been extremely high; but what’s all of the commotion really about?

The Fiscal Cliff is a series of automatic spending cuts to all levels of the federal bureaucracy (mostly defense) in addition to automatic tax increases. You may have also heard of the fiscal cliff as a sequestration.

The Democrats in Congress want to resolve the “crisis” by raising taxes on the upper tier of taxpayers in order to raise revenue. The Republicans, however, do not want to raise taxes on any Americans while they would like to make reforms to entitlement programs (but have offered no real solution to the revenue shortfalls in their plans.)

On November 9th, the President’s first address to the media following his reelection, he declared that he would veto any legislation offering tax cuts to those making more than $250,000. This means that the President doesn’t want to extend the Bush Tax Cuts any further.

The President’s position has put Republicans in between a rock and a hard place. They don’t want to raise taxes on the wealthy, but the President is basically giving them no other options.

For the past three Sundays, Bill Kristol has insisted that the Republicans in Congress should compromise with the President and submit to raising taxes on the wealthy. Remember now, this is the same man that thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate political party and the Arab Spring wasn’t real.

Bill Kristol is by all accounts a dope, and no one on Capitol Hill should heed his “advice”.

However, I do have a suggestion for the Republicans – just let the President lead America straight off of the fiscal cliff.

By coming to any agreement, the media will portray the President as the hero and the Republicans the enemy – it’s a lose/lose for the Republicans, so just let it happen.

The facts of the matter are that no matter what happens and no matter what deal is agreed upon, America will head over a fiscal cliff.

Any freshman macroeconomic major will tell you that when you raise taxes on those who already fund the government the most (excluding China of course), you are asking for more problems than you ever originally bargained for.

Raising taxes on the wealthy may lead to short term gains, but it will create bigger problems in the long term.

If the Republicans let the President have his way, I can see two good things that come from that, aside from the many bad things.

First, every single taxpaying American will feel the effects of the President’s arrogance and liberal bias. As long as you’re a taxpaying American, your taxes will be going up. Americans don’t like their taxes going up, so that will not bode well for the President.

Secondly, there needs to be spending cuts in the government. This fiscal cliff is the only foreseeable way that spending will be cut. Instead of having politicians examine the budgets of every department of the federal government, having across-the-board cuts will force the bureaucrats to cut spending in wasteful areas.

Finally, I just don’t understand why the President doesn’t negotiate going back to the Clinton-era economics. After all, the Clinton era was so magical, and there were no problems then, right? All we’d need to do is raise taxes across the board and cut federal spending beyond any level that is currently perceived to be possible.

Either way, the next month or so left before the sequestration is to take place is going to be quite a divided time for America, aside from the Lame Duck session of Congress.

I don’t want to see taxes raised on any American; but sadly, this looks likely. And for that, we should all thank Barack Obama, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, and Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Boner will cave just like Peter King is doing.To think I use to admire this piece of crap.All these RINO republicans will cave.They'll all be ontheir knees to see who will kiss Obugmes half black ass.

    • I like peter king, he seems like a tough man, I hope he doesn't cave in, and become a useless limp dickie too like boehner. limp dickies are useless, I hate when that happens

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Like I said to me Peter King was one of the strong ones and your right about Boehner. John isn't only a limp dickie he's also a crying limp dickie.I think they need someone strong in there like Bachmann or a Sarah Palin type who doesn't have a limp dickie and won't cave to the liberal lefties.

  2. Boehner is as useless as a limp dickie

  3. So let the limp dickies be limp. And let the fall begin. Maybe then those TRAITORS who voted for this peice of garbage will all lose their freebies, and free phones, and have to eat dirt…or worse…..and then they will go for their “one” and blame him………..maybe, but since they are stupider than stupid, maybe not. I hate them all anyway. And the sooner this “government” fall on their ugly cheating, filthy lying faces, the better it will be. I hope the markets crash so hard that the sound is heard all around the globe! Fall, BABY FALL! When there is no more money to steal from us, then where are those lazy good for nothing leeches on society going to go? Hopefully, to the very ONES WHO CAUSED THEIR TIT TO DRY UP! I’d love to see them attack their own MILK TIT!

  4. Linda A. From NY says:

    Boehner is so useless he is a limp dickie and a cry baby, Peter King is a good o tough old boy, I hope Peter King does not change and bows down to obama's fail policies to become another useless limp dickie. Limp dickies are useless, or a dried up tit, I too hate when that happens.

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