Judge: Texas Can’t Cut Funds To Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood SC Judge: Texas Cant Cut Funds To Planned Parenthood

A federal appeals judge says Texas cannot ban Planned Parenthood from receiving state funds.

Fifth Circuit Judge Jerry Smith agreed Friday that there’s sufficient evidence the state’s law banning Planned Parenthood from participating in the state’s Women’s Health Program is unconstitutional. He let stand an injunction blocking Texas from enforcing it.

Smith had stayed the injunction earlier this week so he could review it.

Read more at Official Wire. By Chris Tomlinson.

Photo Credit: WeNews (Creative Commons)

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  1. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Planned Parenthood does so much more than just provide abortion services, they provide the much needed services for women who are far too poor to find help for many other female illnesses and problems than just that one thing. They are a great service to so many women in need, that it would be a shame, maybe even a travesty, to stop any funding to them for the one reason of abortions. If they could find a way to cut out the payments for this one thing, which is only about 5 % of the service provided, and help these needy women who only need prenatal care and other problems that so many women are in dire need of recieving, they should try their damndest to do so. The poor women in need of other services far, far outnumber those who want an abortion! I know, I was one such woman, who only needed prenatal help during my extremely difficult pregnancy!! There was no one else during that time to help me. So, to this Texas judge, please do try to find a way to help fund the poorer and much more needy women in our wonderful state, without cutting all funding to this otherwise, great and wonderful establishment. If a woman wants an abortion, she will find a way to get one, and to cut all funding and assistance to EVERY woman in need of other services would indeed be a travesty! Try to at least work with Planned Parenthood, to find a way to slice this controversial operation from their budget, or service. There has to be another way, other than to defund this otherwise very helpful association, who help so many women who would not be able to find ANY help at all, anywhere else. Please do at least try! This comment, or “speaking of the mind” does not mean that I am pro abortion, it only means that I know what being too poor means when it comes to getting any medical assistance during a very, very, very difficult pregnancy. Or, any pregnancy at all, when a woman needs prenatal care, and is refused by doctors, because of no money, or no insurance!!! Please, please, do find a way to help the needy women of Texas, for there are many such women in our state!!!

  2. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    @ Seeks_The_Truth….I do not “feel comfortable about abandoning” anyone. But if there is such an outcry against PP, then it must stay as it is, and find another way to help those who NEED, for MEDICAL REASONS, to have the services of a doctor to tend to their specific needs, the abortions, which is also needed by many women with MEDICAL REASONS! I am not against ALL abortions, only those who use it time and again, as a “birth control method”! And, I can speak to this because I know someone who has severe medical problems, regarding pregnancies which would kill her if she had not had help at a crisis in her life. A pregnancy that was not expected, due to a doctor telling her that she could not concieve. She did, and with her medical history, this would have killed her, and left her two remaining young children motherless. So, I think that there should be serious thought given to this abortion controversy, and that the “pro” lifers should find it in their “christian hearts” to not judge across the board, calling all women “murderers” without knowing their circumstances. I take great issue with this, because the same Bible that speaks of all life being precious, it also speaks of “judge not, lest ye be judged, for as ye judge, so shall ye be judged”! Christians being human, forget the compassion of Christ, from whom they take their name, and behave as judges and juries of everyone with whom they find not in agreement with some of their dogmatic beleifs. It is these people with whom I disagree wholeheartedly, and it is these people that I find most offensive, when it comes to the bearing the name of CHRISTIAN! Being Christian should mean being CHRISTLIKE, and a lot of these people are anything BUT Christlike! They stand on the streets behaving as the Saducees and Pharisees of Bible times, forgetting what Christ Himself said of these men, that they were “whitewashed hypocrites”………something of that nature, but both words were used to describe these men, who would pick up their robes from the dust and dirt, so as to avoid being dirtied by the dirt of the “sinners” of the day. They were indeed the hypocrites that Christ Jesus called them, and I veiw a lot of these “pro” lifers to be much the same. For, if they cannot change the minds of these poor women who go into these clinics, they then call these poor souls names such as “baby killers, murderers” and worse, and then, offer no help if and when afterwards, the woman should change her mind and have the baby. She is left to fend for herself, and for her child, which she cannot support. And may be somewhat loathe to give the baby up for adoption, which is far harder to do than these self righteous Bible Beaters think it is, or even give a though to. So, no, I do not “feel comfortable” at all when this issue is brought up. I’d feel more comfortable if there were SOLUTIONS rather than the blatent disregard shown to this deeply felt manner from both sides.

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