Judge Says It’s Ok For Muslim Violence Against Christians

Islam symbol SC Judge Says It’s Ok for Muslim Violence Against Christians

If you want to experience the Middle East, you only have to travel as far as Dearborn, Michigan. This western suburb of Detroit has a population of close to 100,000. Over 40,000 of them are Arab or of Arab descent, giving Dearborn the distinction of having the largest Muslim population of any city in the United States.

The Muslims have been taking over many of the cities elected positions and have instituted many Muslim friendly ordinances. In fact the Muslim influence is so strong in Dearborn that the local high school held a girl’s only prom, since their religion does not allow girls and boys to dance or socialize together. If any other school in America did something similar based on Christian or Jewish beliefs, the ACLU and other groups would be circling the school waiting their turns to file lawsuits for violation of church and state. But these legal groups were nowhere to be seen in Dearborn.

Every year around June, the Muslim community holds an annual Arab Festival. For several years, some of the Christian pastors and their followers have stood outside the festival trying to hand out water bottles and tracts as they witness to the lost. A number of the Muslims have responded with violence, throwing garbage, rocks and other items at the Christians. When the police showed up, they made arrests, but it wasn’t the ones carrying out the violence that were arrested, it was the Christians.

A number of lawsuits have been launched against the city and although a couple were actually won by the Christians, that didn’t stop the violence against them. When they did win, the city appealed and most of the rulings were overturned.

Several of the Christian pastors filed a lawsuit against Wayne County, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and two of deputies for refusing to protect them from the Muslims that were attacking them. The deputies not only refused to protect them, they threatened to arrest them for disorderly conduct if they continued talking about Jesus and the Bible in the presence of the Muslims. Such talk was deemed to be offensive to the Muslims who felt justified in responding with violence.

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  1. nexgenesis says:


  2. If there was a Christmas celebration, would YOU want Muslims to be passing out tracts, etc., trying to "recruit" people who attended such ceremonies???

    Didn't think so– thus the Muslim's feelings (and, dare I say, the violence) against proselytizing during THEIR festivals IS justified! Sorry– but that's the truth!

    • Takingbackamerica says:

      Its called FREEEDOM OF SPEECH. Which wasn't being protected. The police even pulled them over after they left for no reason! Its not justified to hurl concrete and cause people to go to the hospital you idiot! The next time I see a group of towelheads I'm heaving a water bottle full of urine on them! WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

    • RacerJim says:

      Muslims are entitled to be offended by Christians who pass out tracts, etc,, trying to "recruit" people who attend such Muslim ceremonies. However, Muslims are NOT ENTITLED to physically attack those Christians. Assault and Battery IS NOT justified, moreover, it is a crime!

      Not sorry — that's the truth!

    • Becky Mc. says:

      Bull crap! Read your history, Dude! This country was founded by Christians, and although we have no established State religion, we are technically a Christian nation. If these Moslems want to live here, they need to shut up and quit bullying. Your answer is basically saying that we must bend over backwards for Moslems, and that they have a right to treat other people like they are sitting in the dunking booth of a local carnival. Idiocy! On this, Putin has it right, and so did the past leader of Australia, who told them they need to assimilate, or get out! Sounds like the police in Dearborn are a bunch of Moslem bum-bussers!

    • Denver Bob says:

      I could care less if they handed me a tract. I would ask them if their Mohammed ever walked on water (not waded), cured the blind, gave hearing to the Deaf and raised the dead. Till he could do that – he is just another wanna-be.

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Then may these Muslims attack this Judge with full force and effect — let's see how he likes Islam and its pure violent tenets that call for massive destructive of human life..

    • BurntheKoran says:

      The judge is Muslim. The whole city that once flourished during 1900's is getting turned into little Baghdad.

  4. D l mather says:

    I That Judge need to be disbarred NOW?????

  5. You muslims are the infidels and you and a bunch of clowns. I wish the Jews would give you a muslim Holocaust and wipe you off the face of the earth!

  6. Pimp Sleazy says:

    Why are we even THINKING about the Jew-God at all anyway? Muslim? Christian? Jew? All the same bloodthirsty "God" who has stifled the truth, murdered billions of people, demands animal sacrifice, sends ha-satan (not a single entity but any "temptor") to give us hell… Every civilization in history had roughly the same beliefs except the filthy dirty manipulative hook-nosed Jew. Where are their great monuments? Where? Where are their feats of engineering? All they have is a book THEY wrote in the name of THEIR God in which they claim that "God" gives them the right to dominate everybody else in "his" name. Islam is based on the same God, going back to Abraham who was ordered by "God" to sacrifice his own son but then was given an animal to sacrifice instead. Nowhere in the "bible" does it say that God changed his mind about animal sacrifice. Bloodthirsty. Evil. Islam is based on the same. SO all y'all beotches can debate the book all you want. Who is right or wrong? ALL OF YOU. Pagans will arise and tear down your evil empires.

    • Pimpicus Maximus says:

      Oh… I forgot to mention… Yeshua bin-Josef lived. We call him "Jesus" now. His story was stolen by the Jew. He used Qi to heal. Qi healers are common. I use Qi myself, it's easy. All around you. Over 300 years after his murder the Romans decided to establish a state-sponsored religion for the purpose of uniting Europeans (Celts) who refused to be conquered. They stole the story about a great holy man and turned it into what we know as "Christianity" today. Yes, he was real. Ahem… IS real. Just one more great thing stolen and claimed by the evil Jew. Now to follow the teachings of Christ we are required to acknowledge the God-given superiority of the Jew…

  7. Mad Martian says:

    Maybe if we all do violence against muslims, because THEY OFFEND ME, then it must be my right to do so?? GET ISLAM OUT OF AMERICA!!

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