Judge Rules Obama Must Prove Presidential Eligibility In Georgia Courtroom

barack obama slide8372 Judge Rules Obama Must Prove Presidential Eligibility In Georgia Courtroom On Thursday

For those who have waited 3 years for a judge to finally rule that Barack Hussein Obama must prove that he is legally and Constitutionally qualified to run for or serve as President of the United States, the day may have come at last.

For on Friday, Georgia State Office of Administrative Hearings Judge Michael Malihi ruled that subpoenas demanding the presence of Barack Obama in his Georgia courtroom on January 26th along with the original form of his Hawaii birth certificate and information on his myriad Social Security numbers will remain in force.

Obama ‘s attorney Michael Jablonski had filed a motion to quash those subpoenas, arguing if Obama were made to answer questions before the court it would “…[require] him to interrupt duties as President of the United States…” (1)

It was also Obama’s claim that “presidential electors and Congress, not the State of Georgia, hold the Constitutional responsibility for determining the qualifications of presidential candidates.” (1)

Well Judge Malihi did not agree with Obama’s arguments that the laws of the State of Georgia were somehow irrelevant to the process, or that

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  1. Thank God and Judge Malihi that Obama must comply with the law and prove his eligibility in court. Now only 49 other states to go. NOBAMA 2012

  2. Judge Malihi may soon find a horse head in his bed sent straight from Chicago. He is a brave man to stand up against the fascist leader Obama and his merry band of hoods. I hope the Judge has good security. Now if only other states and Congress would examine this very important Constitutional issue as we have a non-American enemy of the U.S. presiding in our White House.

    • VirgoVince says:

      Once this case is WON and settled, the other states will follow suit!! He should be ARRESTED on the spot and imprisoned for the rest of his natural, miserable life!!
      Also, this illegal POS will be removed from most states voting ballots, but it'll be over, by then!!

  3. Thank God for Orly Taitz: Go after this imposter and don't let up until he's behind bars Orly. The snake in chief will find a hole to slither into, since Constitutional law means nothing to surpants. The long arm of the law must prevail and remove this foreigner from office.

  4. I love you Judge Malihi! Stand courageous. Now, the rest of you weenies take note…..HE is the kind of person we want working for us in the USA..starting right at the top!

  5. Judge Malihi for President !! LOL !

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    This judge may become another Vince Foster,you know the one that the Clintons claim killed himself.Like someone said about the horsehead it's the way they do things in Chicago where Obuma was a gang organizer.

  7. I can see it now,more fake documents being examined.

  8. Oldpuppymax says:

    There will be 3 separate suits heard by judge Malihi on Thursday. One makes the Constitutional argument that Hussein is NOT eligible to run because he is NOT a natural born citizen as his father was not an American citizen.

    THe judge ordered Obama to produce his original birth certificate and Social Security information. It's anybody's guess what will happen tomorrow, but it should be one interesting day. The proceedings will be carried LIVE on the following website: http://www.art2superpac.com/ .
    Here's hoping Malihi's spine remains stiff and strong.

  9. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I personally don't think Judge Malihi is any braver or more courageous than any other Judge. I do, however, give him full respect for honoring the law as it is written.
    He is obviously a man who takes pride and honor in his position. Here is a man who believes in the law and follows it, no matter the case.
    At least anyone who would have to stand before him knows they will be treated fairly according to the law.

  10. Here is hoping that it really happens. And yes Orly Taitz and Judge Malihi are true patriots. There is something terribly wrong with the whole thing in that Congress and the media would not touch it. Obama is not who they think he is.

  11. Bro,Oremus says:

    None of this is gonna make any difference except to give Chancellor Obama a little chuckle. He has not made any mistakes yet . Once one looks at his presidency through the eyes of the late (good trick) Saul Alinsky, one will see that Obama is deliberately destroying this once great nation. No mistakes, no contradictions, no problems. It is all going to plan.. The one thing I am curious about is will Obama's New World Order of Communism actually come into play as he imagines…with him, his wife,and daughters on top? Or will he too become one of the slaves? Will "they even allow him and his family to stick around? After the "change" i.e. revolution, like any revolution , the people most responsible for the "change" i.e. revolution, are disposed of one way or another. Hard to say. Your guess is as good as mine. On the other hand the whole thing might backfire and The U.S.A..,having learned a lesson will survive and thrive and … LIBERTY…We shall see. We shall see. God willing

  12. I just hope AND pray that this is just not a diversion and delay, and that this judge is in fact a judge that has not been paid off by the Obama administration to create an illusion of concern, then say in the end after fraudulent documents are shown such as his prior BC, and without expert analysis of those documents, say he is qualified! After all this, WE ALL KNOW HE IS A FRAUD AND HE IS NOT QUALIFIED!

  13. VirgoVince says:

    Has a warrant been issued for obozo's ARREST?? That's the next step when live appearance in court is not met?? If it has, what is the deadline date! If NOT, why NOT????
    Don't let those flunkjy lawyers put you off, Judge, you have the law on YOUR side!! Demand his appearance and/or live with the punishment!! NO compromise!!

  14. Marcia Simpson-James says:

    Obama has disgraced America. He is not an American? He's a wanna-be American and he's a foreigner. That was "his fathers dream".

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