Judge Orders Homeschooled Children Removed From Christian Parents’ Home

Photo credit: ladybugbkt (Creative Commons)

In the age of federally mandated Common Core curriculum and widespread evidence of leftist indoctrination, it is not surprising a growing number of American families are exploring educational options other than public school. As parents try to protect their children from the propagandistic government system, however, the government is in turn seeking vengeance against them.

Nowhere was this disturbing trend more evident than in the recent removal of seven children from a Texas couple dedicated to homeschooling them. While Child Protective Services initially became involved in the case involving Trevor and Christina Tutt after two of the children wandered a short distance from home, a case worker subsequently indicated that “[t]here is no problem here.”

The same employee, however, subsequently made a highly subjective accusation against the couple.

“Nobody in their right mind would want to stay home all day with so many children,” she told a court during the hearing. In response, the Tutts provided ample evidence showing they were fit to be parents and educators to the group of children.

Nevertheless, an activist judge directed CPS to remove the children based entirely on their manner of education. The ruling was in apparent violation of a state policy that a parent’s choice “to homeschool their children or send their child to another private or public school is not relevant to the CPS investigation.”

The Texas Home School Coalition is behind an effort to reunite the family and has ridiculed the court’s response regarding this issue.

Thankfully, a judge last week ruled that there was no evidence of abuse or neglect against the Tutts and ruled most of the children should be reintegrated into the home. Two of the children – both in foster care – were not returned based on an impending adoption by the Tutts while another is awaiting a reunion with his birth parents.

Still, the terms of the reunion require the children to attend public schools.

According to the Family Rights Project, CPS attempted to use at least five different accusations against the Tutts in an effort to seize their children. While none of the ploys ultimately worked, this family has been forever traumatized by the state merely for trying to provide their children a proper education.

This outrageous miscarriage of justice is a clear warning to any parents who seek an alternative to a public school system designed to turn the next generation into pliable leftist automatons. With absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing, the Tutts learned how vindictive the state can be in protecting its own power.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: ladybugbkt (Creative Commons)

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  1. independant voter says:

    smart judge Goverrment has moved way to left in it's feeling of what they think is right for our children

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Grab a video camera and tape your child saying the most vile, racist, obscene things you can think of and the 3 year old can remain with the 16 year old single mother.
    What ever you do though, do NOT EVER homeschool your child. That's the fastest way to lose them.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hard to believe this is happening in Texas. A state known for its conservative policies and a governor who wanted to be our president.

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