Judge Explains Fallacy Of Gunmaker Liability For Criminal Acts

Andrew Napolitano SC Judge explains fallacy of gunmaker liability for criminal acts

Although marijuana is often described as an overall harmless substance, Colorado lawmakers have shown some clouded judgment in the months since legalizing the drug statewide.

Andrew Napolitano, respected judge and fierce critic of liberal lunacy, recently appeared on a Fox News program and offered his expert opinion on one of the state’s more ridiculous proposals.

Along with several other outlandish gun control measures, one suggested law would allow victims to hold both gunmakers and retailers accountable in court for crimes committed with their product.

The left insists guns – and now those who manufacture and sell them – are responsible for crimes, which is like holding Ford liable for injuries to an individual who drove his Taurus off a bridge.

Both companies produce products which, if used correctly, offer a great service. We cannot set the dangerous precedent of targeting unrelated parties in a misguided rush to justice.

Echoing the concerns of state law enforcement officials, Napolitano called the proposed law “unenforceable.”

He and host Megyn Kelly discussed similarities to the vitriol with which legislators and litigators attacked tobacco manufacturers and a subsequent federal law prohibiting similar lawsuits against gunmakers.

Napolitano said the Colorado lawmakers behind the proposal are “either woefully ignorant of federal law or just making a political statement.”

While contending the proposal “will be stopped by a federal judge,” he said if it is somehow passed, “it will make the ownership of guns so expensive that ordinary people who want to protect themselves won’t be able to afford them and that very act will be unconstitutional.”

Leftists always want to punish the innocent periphery while ignoring – or supporting – the true causes of this nation’s moral and financial decline.

Colorado, it seems, is stepping up its game to take on states like California, Illinois, and Massachusetts for the dubious designation of most ridiculous representation.

This is just another reason I don’t plan to leave Texas any time soon.
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Photo credit: Gage SKidmore (Creative Commons)

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