Judge Calls Anti-Immigration Protestors ‘Economically Paranoid’


Judge Bruce Einhorn, a Law Professor at Pepperdine University, appeared on Studio 11 LA to discuss the anti-immigration protestors in Murrieta, California who prevented the Department of Homeland Security buses from entering their city to unload illegal undocumented immigrants.

The judge said that he thinks “this is a mess, but it’s not a national security crisis.”  He insists that since many of these people are “kids” and not “al-Qaeda members,” they pose no threat to American citizens.

“We’re still in a recession.  And we have a lot of folks, Caucasians, native-born Americans, who feel, wrongly, that these young people are somehow going to push them off the economic ladder and climb over them.”

He concludes with, “But when people are ‘economically paranoid’ that’s how they feel. And the other problem is cultural fear.”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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