Jon Huntsman is the New Rockfeller, Not the New Reagan

Michael Reagan

All of a sudden the kept media is all agog over one Jon (not John) Huntsman, recently retired from his Obama administration post as U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, provoking the president to joke that he was “sure that him having worked so well for me will be a great asset in any Republican primary.”

A former governor of Utah, Huntsman is a multimillionaire from a very wealthy family who has styled himself as a so-called “moderate,” supporting certain measures considered by conservatives as not in the least acceptable. Notably, he has supported something akin to “marriage” between homosexuals, and “cap and trade” legislation designed to deal with so-called (and non-existent) global warming, but in reality shoveling taxpayer funds into the hands of liberal groups and individuals to prevent something that isn’t happening.

In announcing his candidacy with the Statue of Liberty in the background, Ambassador Huntsman attempted to associate himself with my late father, President Reagan. It was embarrassing to watch him channel-up my father’s 1981 speech and associate himself with it. As Simon or Randy on “American Idol” might say, if you’re going to sing the song of an icon you had better be as good or better that that icon. In making his announcement he was neither. Jon Huntsman was, instead, the great non-communicator.

To win the GOP nomination a candidate must be able to demonstrate how he has helped the party, has raised considerable amounts of money for it, and has helped Republican candidates win elections over the past two years. Huntsman has done none of that. As a matter of fact it has recently been revealed that his family most recently financially supported none other than Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Conservatives have long suspected that there exists a GOP establishment, once known as the “Rockefeller wing,” that manipulates the party behind the scenes, putting forth so-called “moderate” candidates for office, providing campaign financing for them and arranging media support for their candidacies.

If that is the case, Jon Huntsman is their boy.

To win elections, Republicans need….

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  1. fordman says:

    I won't vote for Obama's patsy. We already have the people we need and want in the tea party.

  2. Actually Obama is the new Reagan. First, neither men could speak without their teleprompters. Second, both men were huge deficit spenders and added trillions to the national debt. Third, both men pushed this Free Trade garbage, costing us tens of million Middle Class jobs and trillions in trade debt. Fourth, both men pushed Open Borders (amnesty) and welcomed thirty million illegal aliens into our country and most of our problems. Fifth, both men were lawless and were aiding the enemies of our country. Reagan was almost impeached for his crimes. And Sixth, both men were liberals and grew government (Reagan may have talked conservative but he actually was a practicing Democrat).

  3. Devasahayam says:

    Not even Rockefeller (who was only a proxy-VP for unelected POTUS–and never even elected VP–Ford), more like Joe "Who" Clark (an erstwhile PM of Canada, whom most Canucks would really prefer to forget–but who was not as bad as contemporaneous POTUS Carter).

  4. Luis D Rey says:

    Anyone who worked for that NIGGER/MULATTO sitting at The Black house ought to be rejected,
    JON HUNTSMAN IS A BIG HYPOCRITE, to say the least !!
    I can't believe that Old Bob Grant, Sunday week radio Crap show is his candidate, which prove all along that Bob Grant is another A. Kisser

  5. Luis D Rey says:

    Anyone who worked for that NIGGER/MULATTO sitting at The Black house ought to be rejected,

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