John Kasich Betrays Conservatives, Lies About “Blocking ObamaCare” In Ohio

428px Governor John Kasich John Kasich betrays conservatives, lies about “Blocking ObamaCare” in Ohio

Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich has reneged on his campaign pledge to “block ObamaCare” from being established in Ohio. And he has done it a way that would make Barack Obama proud—by lying through his teeth.

Contrary to Nancy Pelosi’s claims, passing ObamaCare has not enabled most Americans to know what’s in it. But one thing has become clear to those who have studied this signature, power-play legislation of the left— courageous Republican governors can kill it.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act can only infect the nation and the American people if states are willing either to set up state-based ObamaCare exchanges, or “partner” with the federal government, thereby allowing an exchange to be installed and operated by the Department of Health and Human Services. BUT, although the federal government can “…by law TRY to impose a HHS-run federal exchange” in states that refuse to provide assistance, Congress appropriated no money with which the government can build or operate it! And so far, the House has refused to provide that funding.

In short, if a state does not accommodate the HHS by setting up a state-based exchange or acceding to a partnership, there will be no ObamaCare in the state. And if enough states hold the line, the Marxist healthcare scheme will fail.

By November 16th, the original deadline for states to advise the feds of their intentions concerning ObamaCare exchanges, 15 states had informed HHS that they would do NOTHING to allow the implementation of an ObamaCare exchange, most even passing legislation against the plan entering their state at all.  Another 12 states remain “undecided”, and 18 have chosen to create state-based exchanges (that is, go “all-in” for Barack’s healthcare takeover and rationing plan.)

Six states have decided to “partner” with the federal government in a “state-federal partnership exchange.” John Kasich’s Ohio is one of the six, although Kasich’s own words and website seek to relate a very different story.

OHIO WILL NOT RUN AN OBAMACARE HEALTH EXCHANGE,” boasts the governor on his state website. This seeming rebuke of ObamaCare is actually a mere parsing of words, one that would make Bill Clinton proud. For that Ohio will NOT “run” an ObamaCare exchange simply means that Kasich refuses to set up a state-based model.

But his true intentions are exposed in an email sent to selected businesses in the state by Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols. In it Nichols writes: “…[Kasich] informed HHS that Ohio will retain regulatory control over health insurance plans offered through a federally-operated exchange as well as retain the authority to determine who is eligible for Medicaid benefits. The Administration will submit additional details to the federal government prior to HHS’s February 14 deadline.” (4)

That February date reveals Kasich’s dissembling as it “…refers to the date HHS has given states to provide a blueprint for a hybrid state-federal exchange partnership.” States that are truly refusing ObamaCare have no deadline and need provide no blueprint!

With his language and bluster, Kasich hopes to convince Ohio conservatives and Tea Party activists that he remains committed to preventing ObamaCare taking over the healthcare industry in Ohio. Yet at the same time, his spokesman attempts to reassure Ohio business leaders that the state will “retain regulatory control over health insurance plans offered through a federally-operated exchange.”

There should BE no exchange at all, Mr. Kasich, federally-operated or otherwise. The law clearly states that the federal government—that is the HHS—has total control over all healthcare issues in any state in which an exchange is located, federally-operated or otherwise.  Kasich is either grossly misinformed or kidding himself if he believes Ohio will maintain any authority. And worst of all, he is selling-out Ohio residents, betraying their freedom to the most corrupt president in the nation’s history in a dishonest attempt to play both ends against the middle.

For those who wonder why conservative voters stay home on Election Day, John Kasich’s behavior provides a classic answer.

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  1. really PO'd says:

    Thanks so much Kasich..I'm sorry I voted for you….my you reap what we all have to endure

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I thought you people from Ohio did the right thing in electing him but now he turns out to be a scumbag.I wish Hannity,O'Reilly,Savage,Malkin,Levin or Rush would tear him a new asshole.

  2. I too voted for you…turn on your fellow man..thanks for nothing

  3. Before he was Governor, I thought he would be good, then one day I saw him speak on Fox, can not remember what show and he said he was not sure if he believed in God. I was astounded. I would make sure he only gets the four years then rip is butt out of there.

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