Joe Miller Wins Poll At Anchorage UFL-CPG U.S. Senate Debate

Anchorage, Alaska. May 30, 2014 – U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller got another boost this week after being voted the winner of a debate with Republican Mead Treadwell and Libertarian Mark Fish. The exit poll followed the United for Liberty – Alaska/Conservative Patriots Group U.S. Senate debate at the Wilda Marston Theater in Anchorage and was conducted by the debate’s sponsors. There were approximately 200 people in attendance. The other Republican in the race, Dan Sullivan, was a no-show.

“Joe’s second straw poll win in less than a week reflects the growing momentum the campaign has been seeing on the ground,” said spokesman Randy DeSoto. “Joe turned in a strong performance in the debate, proving he is the true conservative/reform candidate and is the right choice to represent the Republican Party against Senator Begich in the fall.”

Some major differences between Miller and Lt. Gov. Treadwell were highlighted during the debate, including Treadwell’s support for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens (Amnesty), as well as his support for the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). Miller opposes both. Miller’s opposition to LOST is, in part, based on the authority it grants the United Nations to directly tax and regulate the American people. Treadwell also affirmed his belief in man-caused climate change, a theory for which Miller believes the science is inconclusive.

One of the highlights of the debate came near its close, when the candidates were given the opportunity to ask direct questions of each other. Miller inquired into Treadwell’s past support, financially and otherwise, of left-leaning Republicans and liberal Democrats over conservative challengers, including Lisa Murkowski, Matt Claman, and Sheila Selkregg. All three are ardent backers of the big-government agenda, as well as socially liberal policies such as abortion and special rights for homosexuals. Miller questioned how Treadwell could be trusted to support a consistent conservative agenda in Washington when he has been unable or unwilling to do so in Alaska.

Treadwell claimed personal friendship was the reason he chose to support candidates who work against his stated values.

“Joe believes principle must trump party, and even friendship,” said DeSoto. “Without strong core convictions concerning fundamental issues, the pressures in Washington will quickly turn campaign rhetoric into false promises.”

Joe Miller is a husband, father, combat veteran, and advocate of Constitutional liberty who believes in individual rights, private property, free markets, and the sanctity of human life.

For media inquiries contact Randy DeSoto at 907-888-8216 or

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