Joe Miller Focused on Taking Down Romney in 2012

Alex Pappas, The Daily Caller

Tea Party hero Joe Miller says he’s focused on making sure Mitt Romney doesn’t become president.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Miller, who unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate in Alaska in 2010, said his Western Representation PAC hopes to spend at least $500,000 campaigning against Romney, a Republican candidate, in early primary states like New Hampshire.

“It’s about getting the government back to its fundamentals, limiting government and showing that Romney is not embracing that approach,” Miller said of his PAC’s “Stop Romney” campaign.

Miller, who chairs the Western Representation PAC, said he’s not supporting any other GOP candidate.

Miller said Romney has a “big government approach.” The PAC will publicize the former Massachusetts governor’s history of flip-flopping, or as Miller said, “where Romney use to be and where he claims to be today.”

“Unless you have the perspective of government that puts the constitution first, that means getting back to the enumerated powers, you have no business running for president and we’re not going to support you and in fact, we’re going to stop you,” Miller said.

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  1. We support Romney, not Joe Miller:

  2. Joe has my backing. Romney, the rino, has the backing of the very repubs that we are trying to get out of office. The establishment repubs do not understand small gov't. They are not the solution but the problem. As time goes by the tea party should find candidates for all races in an attempt to defeat all incumbents that held office before Nov 2010. There will be a few exceptions but they will be far between.

    • Bob…you got that right!!! There are far too many RINO's in our Government, over 84 Communists, and the liberals? They so mentally weird, I don't think it's possible to wake them up!! They seem very much like brainwashed people, to whom not even a mountain of evidence will change their mind!! My Nemisis is a Liberal, and to prove a point I sent a copy of court documents…He did NOT believe them!! No amount of evidence can convince him…brainwashed!!
      Rommney is A Homosexual Rights Achiever!!!! Rommney care!! For ILLEGALS Flip flop on Abortion voted for TARP!! Romney care & Obamaccare!! In Mass…a totally Liberal State…how far left did Rommney have to lean to get voted in as governor??? Damn Far!!! Believes in global warming…and it's the people's fault!! Not the Sun!!!

  3. Basharr says:

    Here is my take on the 2012 election. If we on the right cannot get it together enough to support any candidate better than Barak Obama then we will have another 4 years to bitch and moan about the destruction he is doing to our country. Now Joe Miller is entitled not to like Romney, however even when Joe Miller was beaten in in Alaska he chose to take the Al Gore road and drag out the defeat, therefore I take with a grain of salt anything Joe has to say about anybody because he demonstrated quite well he as well was a RINO in waiting.

    So lets move on to the the issue at hand….Get Obama out of office!! Plain and simple! DO NOT ALLOW ANOTHER DEMOCRATIC LIBERAL to win the election. If everybody keeps shooting down every candidate like Mitt Romney (who is ahead of Obama in the polls) then we are going to see another 4 years under the great impostor. The left are watching this going on and are sure they are going to have 4 more years to finish off America. People unwilling to run are hammering the people willing to run…what does that tell you about their conviction? At least the people willing to run understand a change has to take place to save The United States of America!

  4. 4th cav says:

    Joe is 100 percent right, Mitt is an opportunist and a Socialist to boot. There are many others that are and will be much better, Cain, Perry, Santorum and hopefully DeMint. No Mitt for 2012 or ever, Socialism is Socialism whether it is in one state or all 57 as Obama claims. If Mitt cannot cast aside his arrogance and admit he was wrong then he would be just another RINO and we sure as hell do not need that again.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    We all have our favorite republican we want to see become president and like was said Joe has ihs right to dislike Mitt.However the republican leader of the republican party that I belong to said no matter who gets it we must push for that person or we will have 4 more years of blackie carbon Obuma who is out to wreck the US with his socialist agenda.

    • Chess Game says:

      I agree with your comment. I would like to see all conservatives and republicans get united with a single goal in mind, to make sure obama is out for good. I also would like to see some of the republican leaders take an interest in getting all the information already accumulated about obama's fraud and criminal actions. The truth needs to come out about this fraud of a president. And it needs to come out before next election. I wish Donald Trump would get involved in unmasking obama. Donald is great at taking up the stupid biased media and pundits.

  6. david dexter says:

    mitt rinomney

  7. DominoEffect says:

    Romney is playing it SMART! His opponent is vicious! Once elected to office, we will be pleasantly surprised at what a wise choice we have made for once!! Ron Paul and Mitt Romney shine as the true bright stars for the Republicans!

  8. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    People, I am going to tell you something that you already know and if you don’t, you should! IF we don’t ALL OF US, get behind ONE person, we will have a repeat of this freak of nature, this freak of a muslimE right back in office to do even more damage than already done!!!! Get BEHIND ONE PERSON! AND STAY THERE FOR THE LONG RUN! I don’t care who it is, SARAH PALIN, or DONALD TRUMP, but we had better UNITE AND STAY UNITED, else we are so screwed that we may as well give up, or learn to like the bastard in office! Or, deal with it as it is! Haven’t you people had enough of this muslimE, and killer of America and American lives and dreams already?? The more divided we are, the more chance of this muslimE in office getting right back there! How many ways can I say it, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!!!!! Joe Miller, Mitt Romney, EITHER ONE IS BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAVE!!! IF Mitt can WIN, I will vote for him, whether I LIKE him or not, he is at least NOT A MUSLIME!!!! If I have to spend another FOUR years with this insulting peice of shit in office, I am not sure how I can handle another FOUR YEARS OF LOOKING AT HIS UGLY MUSLIME FACE AND THAT OF OLD BUBBLE BUTT TELLING KIDS NOT TO GET FAT!!! I am SICK OF THEM ALL! I’d vote for SARAH FIRST!!!! She may have gotten a little of history wrong, but at least she tried, and how many of you are PERFECT AT HISTORY? HUH? If we can’t even make our minds up as to who to vote for, how can we save our country from the ENEMY WHO SITS IN OFFICE? We have to learn to agree on things, or at least, come togather enough to save America from the ENEMY, the MUSLIMES WHO WANT “DEATH TO AMERICA”, and are suceeding at it quite well with this FREAK of a muslimE who insults America each time he gets a chance. And who is taking our freedoms one at a time and throwing them in the garbage! And who will give us a “Rich MuslimE Heritage” by the end of another four hellish years in office, IF WE ALLOW IT! And by division, we will allow such a thing, if we don’t UNITE! NOW! UNITE! GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY PEOPLE!!!! ONE VOTE! ONE AMERICA!!!! ONE AMERICAN PRESIDENT!!!!

  9. I am tired of one person getting all the attention this early, I want to hear more from ALL the possible candidates such as Bachmann, Palin and LESS from Romney! The others need equal media exposure and I HAVE NOT seen that yet. Why is there so much emphasis put on just one person like Romney, who I personally think is the wrong person for the job

  10. I see it that whoever is planning on entering the Presidential race they need to do it NOW so people will have enough time to do some research, make a decision and get the momentum of support to GET THAT BASTARD OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!
    There CAN NOT be someone who wants to enter late in the game because they will just upset the entire objective of SAVING THE UNITED STATES and ITS PEOPLE.

  11. Big Red 43 says:

    It's early in the game folks! There's not a snowballs chance that Mitt Romney will be the GOP choice for President. He looks like a bad used car salesman and with the record of Romeycare ( a failure like like Obamacare will be) I'm sure it won't be long before the American people see through him! Shame on that phony Donald Trump who talked a good game but sold out for (quite a few) pieces of silver. Please listen carefully to Cain or Pawlenty, you might be pleasantly surprised. We need a man or woman who has the guts to take Obama on and beat him at this own game. God bless and protect the USA.

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