Jim Wallis And All The Liberal Lukewarm Christians

Jim Wallis SC Jim Wallis and All The Liberal Lukewarm Christians

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

Speaking as a conservative Christian, I’ve grown weary of the activist agendas of liberals who turn the Gospel and Biblical truth upside down while promoting secular progressive candidates/causes that undermine the Constitution and a country founded on traditional, Judeo-Christian principles. These so-called ‘Christians’ are highly complicit in a far-left agenda to vilify and destroy American conservatism:

1. They ignore the correlation between moral decay and the expansion of social programs.

2. They champion amnesty for illegal aliens without offering proper justifications or solutions.

3. They excuse homosexuality on scientific grounds and make gay marriage a state issue; ultimately advocating marriage is ‘one size fits all’ without considering long-term ramifications or God’s natural order.

4. They engage in wealth envy; class warfare; and the promotion of stealing, coveting, lying, and bullying to advance their vision of a ‘just’ society with calls for economic retribution and equal results, despite these realities:

- The poor are already taken care of in America.

- Entitlements are economically unsustainable.

- We are stealing from our children and grandchildren to ensure stabilization and expansion of these entitlements.

- The most needy (elderly, disabled) will have more competition for state and federal dollars, a consequence of widespread increases in government dependency.

- Fiscal responsibility (even with tax increases on the wealthy) is no longer politically expedient.

- The middle class continues to face higher taxes and consumer cost increases on food, gas, energy, purchases, etc.

5. They excuse abortion and foster the perception that Christian conservatives are unified in support of war, harsh interrogations, and the death penalty.

6. They ignore the threat of Radical Islam and don’t call it out as a political-social power grab that will lie and use force when peaceful Islamic conversion is not achieved.

7. They fail to acknowledge that much of evolutionary science is based on false presuppositions but rather demean the knowledgeable, educated Christian who has considered the research with a critical eye and sees the deceptions.

8. They use today’s culture and media to mock, discredit, and ridicule historical Biblical orthodoxy grounded in God’s everlasting truth.

9. They blur the realities of sin by accusing traditional Christianity of sexism, racism, and ignorance.

10. They have their own ax to grind, which has more to do with a hostile aversion to conservative Christian principles (with our emphasis on charity, morality, and personal responsibility).

* A modified version of this article was previously featured online at Intellectual Conservative.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    I appreciate this article, the writer says, “these so-called ‘Christians’ are highly complicit in a far-left agenda to vilify and destroy American conservatism” yes that is true and the fact that this government is stealing from our children and grandchildren for entitlements that are wrong. This government is saddling our children with a debt that will make slaves out of them.

    And there were many so called Christians that voted for obama, why? A vote for obama stands for supporting same sex marriages, and abortions, which this is a abomination to God and the stealing from our children. This is what these so called Christians voted for.

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