Jihad? Shocking Report Shows Bergdahl Could Be Far Worse Than What We Originally Thought

In the days since his Taliban captors released him to American forces, a cloud of controversy has surrounded Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and the circumstances of his return. The Obama administration acted without requisite congressional oversight to release five dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, who were traded for Bergdahl’s freedom.

According to accusations that have emerged since, however, the administration possibly exchanged five terrorists for yet another terrorist. While claims Bergdahl became a radicalized Islamist while in Taliban custody remain speculative, an exclusive report released by Fox News offers some troubling evidence to support such fears.

Documents prepared by ostensible eyewitnesses are referenced in the report and show a pattern of collaboration between Bergdahl and his terrorist captors.

Among the claims made in the article are the contentions he converted to Islam, declared himself a warrior for the faith – or ‘mujahid’ – and was even permitted to carry firearms.

The documents, according to Fox News, consist of compiled reports by covert intelligence forces working with the Eclipse Group, an organization tasked with reporting terrorist activities few others can access.

Bergdahl did not always enjoy a favorable relationship with his captors, the documents revealed. He was reportedly confined to a metal cage following an attempt to escape. On numerous occasions, however, he was seen laughing, playing, and engaging in target practice with the terrorists.

Whether he voluntarily aligned with the radical ideology of his captors or became a victim of Stockholm Syndrome was unclear, the report stated. The accounts of those who served with him in the U.S. Army seem to suggest the former.

Not only did multiple fellow soldiers describe him as a deserter; several claim attacks against the platoon spiked shortly after Bergdahl left the platoon. Furthermore, at least two separate reports indicate he sought out an English translator in his mission to meet with Taliban forces in a nearby city.

Some suggest Obama rushed the deal to release Bergdahl as a way to shift attention away from a growing scandal regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs. As it turns out, though, the controversy that has erupted surrounding this ongoing debacle might be even harder for Obama’s handlers to spin.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Clearly the Taliban were not as welcoming with open arms as this deserter thought they would be.
    I have to say the deserter/collaborator worked hard to convince the terrorists that he was a friendly. He must have succeeded for he was eventually allowed to finally take up arms against his hated American brothers and sisters.
    So much so, he was even playing games, participating in target practice and saying 'peace' to all he saw.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Nice to see you back.Some will say he joinned them to stay alive because he tried to escape and when caught they put him in a cage.I say him and his muslim father should be tried for treason then shot.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        A lot going on lately haven't been able to comment on too much. This traitor burns me to my soul.
        What they want to forget is that he deserted his post TO join them. He made his hatred of America rather clear BEFORE he left. The traitor went looking for them to join in their war on America. Puts a whole different view on it.
        We also know only a cage was built, not that he was in it.

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