I’ve Got Some News For You, Congressman Labrador

Where do these people come from–the people who should know better but say the darndest things in the Republican Party?  The latest is from GOP Congressman Raul Labrador of Idaho, who states, “If you look historically, at the end of any conflict, you have a swap of prisoners, and that happens. Usually our side will release people that are less than desirable in order to get some of our people back in these swaps.”  Let me ask you a question, Congressman: who says the conflict is over? Barack Obama?

In case you haven’t noticed, Congressman, both sides in a conflict get a say on when it is over. I haven’t heard any Taliban commander say the war is over; have you?  I bet if I looked at your resume, you would be one of our lovely members of Congress who never served in the military.  Just a guess.  These people still want to kill us.  Capiche?  In fact, the latest word I heard from the Taliban is that the release of this traitor Bergdahl will only cause them to capture more Americans because they know they can use them to “empty GITMO,” as the left (and the Taliban) so desperately want.  Who gives a crap about the national security of the United States, right?

The reason so many Republicans (and even some intellectually honest Democrats) have raised hell over this prisoner swap is that Bergdahl deserted!  He betrayed his fellow warriors!  He laid down his weapon, wrote a note, and walked off the job!  We used to shoot people who did that!  And ever worse, our Dear Leader knew all of this when he went in front of the American people and announced how this guy had served with distinction and honor.  What a load of crap!  He caused the deaths of other Americans who had to search for him, you idiot!  Obama just wanted a photo op to take the heat off the VA scandal.  And you, Congressman, are helping him do that! The Obama administration will have blood on its hands the next time we have a terrorist attack or hostage taking from these released Taliban commanders.  And here’s another news flash: they will kill again!

So I have some advice for you.  The next time you want to shoot your mouth off on a subject you know absolutely nothing about, don’t!  You look like a fool, and you damage your party (and actually the national security of these United States by making a similar action easier in the future.)  Haven’t you ever heard the policy that America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists?

Maybe it’s time for another Tea Party in Idaho because this candidate is looking like a real winner.  Maybe he should go hang out with the witches and the legitimate rape believers because America has had enough of your special type of civilian idiocy.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The man or woman who wrote this article is right were the only ones saying the war is over, Congressman Labrador who told you the war was over or you believe the jabonie that said it's over.These are terrorist not a country so why do we have to give them anything all they should get is a bulet in the head that way we know they'll never fight again.

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