“It’s Time to Impeach Obama for High Crimes Against the U.S.”

Joe Kovacs, WorldNetDaily

MIAMI – An urgent plea to impeach a “Christianity-hating” President Obama for alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors” was issued today at the start of WND’s “Taking America Back Conference” in South Florida.

The call was announced by Floyd Brown, president of the Western Center for Journalism, who asserted in strong terms the commander in chief is deliberately trying to destroy the principles on which the U.S. was founded. (Click here to read excerpts of Floyd’s speech.)

“The Obama presidency is a disease,” said Brown. “Article 2, Section 4 (the impeachment clause of the Constitution) is the cure. And it’s Obama’s hatred of America that makes it absolutely imperative that we take action now.”

“Barack Hussein Obama is not some do-gooder that has had his plans go astray,” Brown added. “He is not a person of good will just trying his best to make America go the right direction. He is not. Barack Hussein Obama is a liar that absolutely knows what he’s doing to the United States of America. He has a plan. He has an agenda. This man knows exactly where he’s taking us.”

A political innovator, writer and speaker, Brown has now running an online campaign to impeach the president.

“Barack Obama is a very dangerous man,” said Brown. “Over the last two years, we have been watching the slow progression of what I call a bloodless coup.”

Read all about the grounds for impeachment.

“For the international socialist movement of which Barack Obama is a card-carrying member,” he added, “the U.S. must be brought to its knees, and I guarantee you that Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything he can to bring the country to its knees. He wants to bring it to its knees.”

Brown warned that a counterculture has risen up, dividing America.

“They don’t have the same respect for you as an individual and personal property, and these traditional ideas in the Constitution. That’s why they’re at war with the Constitution. Everything our forefathers fought and died for to them is just trash to be thrown out on Monday morning.”

Brown responded to a common question about what specifically the president has done that rises to the level of impeachment by recalling President Gerald Ford in the 1970s, who indicated an impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at any given moment in history.

The U.S. Constitution states a president can be impeached for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Brown said the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” essentially means “bad behavior.”

Read more.

Click here to sign the petition to impeach Obama now.

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  1. From what I understand if impeached he can still reccieve money after he is kicked out of office….I don't want this piece of crap to recieve any money from the United States of America and I also would like for he and those that knew he is not qualified to be President of the U.S. to bwe sent to a federal pen. He deserves nothing from us citizens as he is a liar thief and many other things that I won't go into.

    So try him for crimes and treason and send his ass to prison and for get the impeachment as that would only give us Biden and the rest of the Socialists, Communists, Marxists nut cases.

    • Jim Cumber says:

      Jimmie: The Obamanation IS liable for Impeachment on the basis of TREASON, as stated in Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them (meaning the States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort…” In his Cairo speech, Obama pledged to assist American Muslims to pay “Zakat” by making the payments “tax deductible”, just like a Christian paying his tithing. Neither he nor the American Media (which has failed to even adequately cover the speech) has bothered to properly explain what Zakat even is, Zakat is the Muslim “Charity Tax” which is required by Quranic, Shari’ah Law of all Muslims. Zakat normally consists of a contribution equal of 2.5% of the Muslim’s annual income. This Zakat is subdivided into 8 equal parts. Part 7 is to support those Muslims who are “in the Way of Allah” by fighting in Jihad (Holy War) against “Kaffir” (Infidels). By changing U.S. Laws to permit Muslims to pay Zakat, Obama is guilty of Treason against the USA, AND of assisting others in committing Treason! This is the very definition of “….adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort, in Levying War against them. I say IMPEACH this Vidkun Quisling or Benedict Arnold, along with his cohorts and, when convicted, impose the required Capital Punishment!

  2. I would rather he be found illegal to have office so that all the things he has pushed thru could be with drawn but I have signed the petition very early on. go for it. get the quack out of office. and a few more while You are at it as they have been going along with his corruption like biden and pelosi and reid thank you thank you

  3. It is so very obvious that President Barack Hussein Obama is trying to destroy our country and our beloved Constitution. So very obvious. I believe Obama truly hates America and Christianity.

  4. keith williams says:

    It is imperitive to remove him as soon as possible so he can't finish us off by executive order. I fear the ;lame duck Congress will do us in running out the balance of their terms before the new Congress is seated. It might be possible to remove him for crimes or the factr he isn't legitimately seated. If all the Congressmen have copies of what is purported to be the African birth cirtificate, he should be powerless as a fraud and not be able to declare Martial law as I fear he will to prevent a disastrous election. This would bring Civil war . I am sure the U.N. troops are standing by. I hope our guys are Patriots and will take them on.

    • keith williams….The black panthers and The Nation of Islam are standing by too! We better pray to God that our military will see through this anti-American traitor and stand with "we the people" to bring this dictator down.There have been a few General's who have come out and publicly denuonced him.(Mostly retired,but they still have the ear of the active military). I'm convinced that it's growing.

  5. Talk is cheap . YAWN YAWN!!!

    • gntrker…..What have you been doing,besides sleeping? Get behind those that are trying to get it done! (Floyd Brown,for one) Something tells me you just might be a loonie-leftie,Hussein,Marxist, lackey. (just trying to connect the dots) If you're not,then I'd like to offer some advice,and say, Wake Up! Get in The Good Ship America and row like hell before the dictator drowns us all!

  6. I don't consider myself to be an overly bright individual nor do I have a college education. However,
    when I compare my reading of Obama's intentions with those of people who are highly educated I
    am sure that if I had attended college I would not have chosen any of the schools full of liberal
    "educators" who have bent and continue to bend the minds of impressionable people fresh out of
    high school. Even a young U.S. Marine I did read a lot and in the late 50's I recognized the so
    called liberally educated elites as a danger to our country and feared that eventually they would take this
    country to the brink of ruin. Now we have a president who is one of them and he has his own agenda
    to do exactly that. If the Republicans get back both houses of congress I just hope that they have the
    intestinal fortitude to Impeach this Indonesian, Kenyan, Hawaiian etc imposter.

  7. ATTN: Let us not waste the time and energy to impeach Obammy boy and his crew of crooked czars. Let us simply bring them all to trial for Treason, and when the verdict of guilty is read, then set up the firing squad and do what needs to be done!!! We must expidite immediately so the disease won't spread anymore.

  8. Helen….Hopefully in November.Some of those newly elected in the primarie's are actually considering it. Write them, call them,and tell them that's what you want to see.

  9. Joe Kovacs…Great writing. ….Floyd Brown,thank you for bringing it out! Keep up the good work!

  10. Since Hussein Yo Mammy O Bammy thinks we talk about him like a dog, I would hate to disappoint him. So, let me add this famous quote (by me). "Hussein, we learned from bitter experience that, "we can't trust dogs to watch our food".

  11. keep up the good work Floyd! You have supporters behind you.

  12. Steve Dolyniuk says:

    He wouldn't have to be impeached, if the gutless Republicans & some Democrats would make him show his REAL Birth Certificate, & all of the other records he is hiding. Then they could try him & give him some time in the Pen, Before they Deported him. What really amazes me, is the fact that there are still idiots out there who say he is doing a good job, & like him. This is the Most ANTI-AMERICAN S.O.B. in Washington!!

  13. I'm afraid the gutless wonders and all the Obammy's ilk. Fruitloop Franken, Lisping Blarney Frank, Ratfink Reid and Witch Pelosi, in our traitorous Congress will only keep covering for this POS.

  14. john littlefield says:

    the house hasnt got the guts to impeach him.

  15. Patrick, You have an excellent point. We need to do this.

  16. Doubt you have the courage to post this but please be specific about the crimes you would charge Obama with. Please delete from the list any of the same crimes committed by any other president, most notably Bush who utterly shredded the Constitution. Its funny to me that both the Right and Left are targeting entities that have absolutely no control over issues. Obama gets his marching orders from the same place Bush did. Wake up folks.

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