It’s Not Just Forced Abortion Coverage; Obamacare Includes Several Dangers To Our Liberties

Forcing us to buy health insurance and pay for abortions whether our conscience will allow it or not are not the only dangerous elements of Obamacare.

undo obamacare It’s not just forced abortion coverage; Obamacare includes several dangers to our liberties

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has examined the bill and provided its opinion of what is wrong and dangerous about Obamacare. Here are the AFP’s observations.

It’s partially true that healthcare will be rationed. Cost limitations are mandated and will be enforced.

It is true that a committee of government bureaucrats will decide what treatments you can receive with no appeals accepted.

Despite doubletalk to the contrary healthcare costs for ACORN the SEIU the UAW and other unions WILL be subsidized by you. And remember the Obama Administration will be keeping the books so “favored” organizations will NEVER run out of our money.

Yes ACORN will directly benefit from this scheme (don’t listen to the liberal line that “ACORN does not dispense healthcare so how can they benefit?”) because ACORN regardless of its new name will be paid to sign people up for their “free” government healthcare.

Doctors’ wages will be fixed by the government without regard for specialty. Dermatologists and brain surgeons will get the same pay. This will cause shortages of brain surgeons – why study that hard for the same pay?

Bureaucrats will regulate the rental and purchase of powered wheel chairs. The claims in the “Power Chair” commercials that “You cannot be turned down,” will be a thing of the past.

Cancer treatments will be reviewed – which means reimbursements will be cut and care will be reduced. This also means there will be NO experimental cancer treatments because, “If it is not already approved, comrade how can you receive it?” Without approval for experimental trails there will be no more cancer research. Virtually NO new medical treatments come from Europe.

The government will restrict services to “special needs people” which means Downs Syndrome and other cognitively disabled Americans will find few services. This also means those whose guardians do not opt for the very common “hole in the heart” operation will be slowly “denied” to death.

Bureaucrats will “council” elderly people about being euthanized or committing assisted suicide.

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  1. It needs to be annulled ASAP!

  2. The only candidate you can possibly COUNT on repealing Obamacare is Ron Paul. All the others either wrote the play book (Mitt) or are spineless weasels (Newt) or have voted for other BIG government programs (Santorum, Newt and Mitt)

    Ron Paul is the only one who will do what is Constitutional and limit government.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      His limited government is great and his policies on our constitution are good but when the old fart wants to legalize drugs he loses me.That Whitney Houston was a junkie and she was on perscription drugs so with more legalized drug we will need bigger cemeteries.Unless Paul sets up old vacant factories and gives out there and the junkies staythere and when they croak shoev their bodies out the backdoor and bury them.

  3. Angelicsweep says:

    obamacare was NEVER about HEALTHCARE! This monstrosity was meant to take away our liberty…just WHY do you think pelosi said that we would have to pass the bill to see what was in it???? Those of us who read the bill KNEW what was in it and tried to warn people but obama and his goons passed it over the protests of the PEOPLE!!!! WHY do you think that it was not slated to take effect until AFTER the 2012 election????? They figured the people would forget all about it…well, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN! The whole thing needs REPEALING and it needs to be done NOW!!!!

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