Issa: White House Helped Draw Up Net Neutrality Rules

Brooks Boliek, Politico

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is denying a charge that White House officials improperly influenced the commission’s net neutrality rules.

In a November 2009 letter to Genachowski, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said media reports suggest “that Obama administration officials had knowledge of and potentially contributed to [the] crafting of” the controversial net neutrality rules.

Specifically, Issa noted that a 2009 American Spectator article said a draft of the net neutrality rules had been circulated to Obama administration officials — and that Genachowski and President Barack Obama made suspiciously similar remarks about the rules on Sept. 21, 2009.

Issa — then the ranking member, now the chairman of the House Oversight Committee — asked, among other things, whether then-White House economic adviser Larry Summers had had any contact with the FCC about net neutrality.

When Issa received no response to his letter, he wrote again on Dec. 29, 2010. His letters – and a response from Genachowski – were released by the FCC on Thursday.

In his response, Genachowski said that the Communications Act of 1934 “does not prohibit communications between commissioners and commission staff and members of the administration.”

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  2. texasgranny47 says:

    Genachowski and the FCC need to be totally defunded, they were told by a judge that they had no right to take over the intenet and made it well known that they were going to do it anyway. Do I think that Obama and his crooked anti-American administration had their hands in it? Yeah you bet. Impeach Obama the Socialist!

    • This illegal activities of this administration is on going. I pray with all the information is in the right hands and mostly pray that the whole delay on filing charges against obama and all the czars and supporters in out Capitol are ony on delay to make sure they have all their duck’s in a row. If the power’s that may be are not looking into all of his actions and are not pulling together files that are available and hidden by this so called leader we American’s have a bigger prolblem than we know. Their is now more than enough information in writing and his own video’s and books to cuff this man and his people. Maybe we all need to get on Issa to suck it up and clean out our House,,,,,I would like to see this web page put together something for us who follow the Floyd Brown reports to tackle Issa to take this step to end this nighmare. These people are destroying our country,,,teaching our chldren socialism, not being allowed into Muslim College’s is a farce to see what they are teaching them…I hope other’s read this and agree with me,,,time to take back our great United States of America,,,It is time for us to be louder then the left,,,time to be heard,,this is our time,,,,

  3. Come on Issa, it is time for some trials.

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