Israel Must Live: A Missing Chord In The American Black Civil Rights Chorus

Israel flag SC Israel Must Live: A Missing Chord In The American Black Civil Rights Chorus

A generation ago, the Black civil rights lobby stood solidly beside the state of Israel. Liberals, moderates, and conservatives were united in unequivocal support.

They saw supporting Israel as part of their vision for a better America.

Somewhere down the line, the fabled Black/Jewish alliance become the Black/Jewish abyss! While genuine Black anti-semitism is the culprit for much of this, socialism plays a major part too.

Czarist Russia and the Soviet Union that followed have their anti-Semitic software. Like the Borg Collective of the new Star Trek TV series, they absorbed popular liberation fronts overseas and our domestic civil rights movement.

One lasting effect of this absorption was reloading Black folks’ impression of Jews as just another group of White people- not in a integration sense, but as perpetrators of segregation upon other people of color: the Palestinians.

The old PLO was once a client of the old Soviet Union, like so many liberation fronts of so many people of color.

Socialism’s atheist, expansionist agenda cannot be served by strong Black/Jewish brotherhood in America. Such a moral alliance had scriptural and strategic consequences that prove impenetrable.

But, after respected Black mainstream institutions like the church (of all faiths, especially Muslims under Farrakhan), civil rights organizations, historically Black colleges and universities ( HBCUs ), and public figures began singing a disguised socialist song, the impenetrable alliance began cracking.

Today, these cracks have allowed a Black president to be twice elected favoring Israel’s enemies, even at the risk of American national security. Another bitter irony is how his elections were also achieved by a Black/Jewish alliance that delivered invaluable votes and donations.

Their reward thus far is spiraling Black unemployment and rising Jewish fear (after giving 78% of their vote) as he distanced himself from Israel.

The peril of seeing Israel as a Jim Crow state and American Jews as latter day White Citizens Councils is too vulgar to type. I do so only to illustrate the socialist spin afflicting too many in Black America.

In a region with strong men competing to outdo Hitler if given the opportunity, many American Blacks fail to see their clear duty: to lobby Obama to end appeasing thugs and stand solidly beside Israel.

Until American Blacks trumpet supporting Israel once more as a central chord of our civil rights chorus, cries for justice and being a majority Judeo-Christian community ring hollow.

“Israel must live!”

It goes side-by-side with “We Shall Overcome!” Story of the American Black/Jewish alliance during the Holocaust & in formation of Israel.… Obama Pushes Ahead With Plan To Rejuvenate Black-Jewish Alliance. Has his plan worked yet?

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative, asks,
“Where has America’s Black/Jewish Alliance gone???”
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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    Israel will live, God will not let a litttle pic sequic pic squeak Hitler wannabe win over God’s chosen people.

    Obama is not Israel’s friend, nor does he respects Israel, shame on any Jewish person that voted for this enemy of Israel, knowing that he would like to divide Israel’s land and give it to Israel’s enemies.

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