Islam: Toward A One-World Government

One World Gov 300x266 Islam: Toward a One World Government

In a series of articles about what he calls the “Power Elite” and the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Dennis Cuddy makes a strong argument in favor of the idea that Islam is being used across the globe to bring about certain ends throughout society. If that is true – and I would concur – then we need only ask two questions:

  1. Who is using Islam?
  2. For what purpose is Islam being used?

If we consider Islam and how it has literally been given free rein to move across the globe creating terror and change wherever it goes, the reality becomes clear. Islam is allowed to grow and move at will. Leaders of nations (including the United States) appear unable to stop it, ignoring the obvious and even making excuses for Islam.

Leaders and other elected officials seem confused and inept. They seem to think that by giving into Islam’s demands, Islam itself will quiet down and take its position within civilized society. This has never been the case, yet this attitude prevails among them.

This approach has obviously not worked. The more our leaders give into Islam, the more demands adherents of Islam make. We are left to conclude that either these leaders are too vapid to realize this or they have intentionally taken such a position toward Islam. In doing so, they have allowed Islam to prosper.

Cuddy argues that Islam is being used today (as it was during Hitler’s day), by what he calls the Power Elite. This group, variously referred to as the Power Elite, the Global Elite, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, as well as many other designations, is using Islam for one purpose only. It is to create continual global destabilization in order to bring about a one-world order.

If we look no further than North Africa and what is happening in the Middle East right now, we see this truth borne out. Egypt’s Mubarak was taken out by force.

Originally, the Muslim Brotherhood said they would remain apart from the elections there. They reneged and even offered their own candidate – Morsi. We know who “won” the election and Morsi was installed as president. However, he is nothing more than a Muslim Brotherhood puppet, allowed to be in power by the elite. If he gets too big for his britches, he can and will be replaced…with another Muslim Brotherhood puppet.

The same occurred with Gaddafi of Libya. He was ousted and replaced with individuals who are loyal either to Al-Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood (ultimately, to Islam). Turmoil has occurred in that entire region of North Africa and will continue.

Now sights are set on Syria with the intended ousting of Assad. Who do you think he’ll be replaced with when all is said and done? We know that Obama has played his part as well, taking orders from the Global Elite and because of his Muslim background, he can relate to Muslims quite easily.

In the end, that entire region (surrounding Israel) of the world will be controlled by Islam, which is in turn, controlled by the Global Elite. Islam is made up of the best soldiers because they are not afraid to die. They actually look forward to it believing that in death, they will receive their promised reward from Allah. Who could ask for better soldiers?

The Global Elite is using Islam to create new regimes. Again, this is exactly what Hitler attempted to achieve. We know that he was using the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem to help him in his plot to overthrow and even oust Jews from Israel. His sights were set on the Temple Mount as are the Global Elite’s.

By the way, in spite of the fact that Islam is literally doing all the grunt work (and being rewarded by the Global Elite with Islamic leaders placed in power), at some point in time, the Global Elite will step in and remove all the Islamic leaders, replacing them with their own. It is far easier to remove and replace leaders from the same type of regime (Islamic) who are already loyal to the Global Elite, than to go in and replace one leader at a time. This is, in fact, what they are doing now in preparation for the future one-world government. It is not a coincidence that Islam itself is working toward a global caliphate (world rule) where Sharia law will be the rule of law.

Are world leaders really that oblivious that they are unable to see what Islam is doing? No, they are merely pretending to be so, in order that the goals of the Global Elite will be brought to fruition. Islam is a very much needed and useful scourge on global society.

The goal of the Global Elite is to keep the world in a constant state of upheaval as they continue to sweep us toward globalization. The average person’s level of fear and uncertainty will continue to grow. Because of this, they will look increasingly to government for answers. The government will oblige with the proviso that in exchange, certain rights must be given up. Too many people will give them up gladly in exchange for the promise of security, security that will never come.

The more we know about Islam, the less we will be taken in by it.

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  1. Nexgenesis says:


  2. Of course all those of us who are awake know this to be true! We all know the Muslims are nothing but the useful idiots of the Global Elite! I think the Muslims are either to arrogant or to stupid to know this!! Or both.
    But here's hoping that by the time the MUSSCUM had destroyed the world the Global Elite will destroy their slimy in bread azzez!!

  3. Al Metcalf says:

    This is a movement to drag all society into the New World Order I am afraid. But what people do not realize is Islam is a Thug Dictatorship with punishments for disorder administered by the sword. Therefore it is someplace where we, as free people, should not be interested in going. So for our own safety we should be looking to deport all Muslims from our Nation and institute laws to stop any immigration by Islam into our society. Islam makes Communists look like peacniks. We need to get our Nation back on our Constitution and the only way to do this is through the Constitution itself, using Article V….. This is the only method we have to force the government to follow the law of the existing Constitution and gives us the benefit of the Constitutional Convention to re-write the Constitution itself to once again chain the government from doing what it did in 1913 again…..

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    It is obvious that this is what is in the mind of this American president.He is tolerant of ragheads even though he has to drone one now and then to show who is the real boss.Don't forget Soros & Lewis are for a 1 world government and that is why they backed Obutthole.Now Obutthole is beholding to them.

  5. Before Islam becomes a one world government the one and ONLY real God will step in to show who is really in control. AMEN!

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