Is This Transsexual’s Murder Defense A Troubling Omen?

America’s transgender and transsexual communities are becoming increasingly vocal as many attempt to portray their experiences as equal to those discriminated against during segregation. While most of these sexually confused individuals are demanding absurd, though relatively harmless, concessions, at least one person is attempting to use the internal struggle as a defense for three murders.

Recent reports indicate Douglas Perry, a 63-year-old Washington man, underwent a sex-change operation in 2000 and now refers to himself as ‘Donna.’ In his previous incarnation, however, Perry is believed to have been responsible for the shooting deaths of three prostitutes found naked in a river in 1990.

Even though his DNA, which was unchanged in his surgical transition, linked him to the crimes, Perry now contends that he was a different person then and should not be held accountable for crimes Douglas might have committed.

His convoluted defense culminated in a statement he reportedly made to investigators.

“I’m not going to admit I killed anybody,” he said. “I didn’t. Donna has killed nobody.”

An officer responded succinctly, “Doug did.”

‘Donna’ continued the conversation as though he was now an entirely separate person from his pre-surgery self.

“It was 20 years ago,” he confirmed, “and I have no idea whether he did or didn’t.”

Though he racked up an extensive rap sheet prior to 2000, he has also served time in a women’s prison recently. During that time, an inmate indicated he told her that he had murdered a total of nine prostitutes.

He reportedly identified himself as a “sociopath” who committed the crimes because “the women had the ability to have children and they were wasting it…”

If these reports are accurate, it proves what should be obvious – Perry actually does recall his actions prior to the surgery because he is now just a modified version of the person he has always been. Many proponents of this subculture demand society accept their belief that gender is a fluid concept. Perry’s bizarre defense merely takes that idea to disturbing new heights of absurdity.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: maveric2003 (Creative Commons)

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  1. Gay's, pediphoiles, transgenders are mentally ill and the one that is the topic of this article is undeniably a pshyco.

  2. Messenger says:

    Is his defense a troubling omen for what exactly?? People have already used multiple personality disorder as a defense in court. This individual will be innocent until proven guilty. And seeing as how they have DNA evidence against him, he will be convicted of those crimes.

    And to Zarus, why do you feel the need to spout hatred against others? If you are a Christian, then you are a terrible representative of our community.

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