Is The Democrat Tower Of Babble Crumbling In California?

California Is the Democrat tower of Babble crumbling in California?

How was it possible that Scott Walker was able to beat back so many challenges and build his reputation as a “union killer” in a state like Wisconsin, yet Mitt Romney still lost there, even with a popular Paul Ryan as his running mate?   It happened because while the Democrats in Wisconsin and other states are turning on each other, they will stop fighting long enough to re-elect Democrat Barack Obama. This political reality has developed because the rank and file Democrats, who are being forced to work harder to fund the pensions of their “union brothers and sisters” have said “Enough!” They don’t care about Democrat union members now that THEY have learned THEY are funding the pay and benefits packages they THOUGHT were paid for with money picked off a tree (some Democrats are THAT dumb).

This phenomenon is now taking shape in California. The current epicenter of the showdown between the makers and the takers is in San Diego, where voters last year supported reforms (read: reductions) of civil servants’ pension benefits. This, of course, has angered union members.

The cost of paying for the cushy retirements of these people has quintupled over the last dozen years; and at long last, the suckers don’t want to fund them anymore.

Naturally, the unions are fighting back. They’re claiming a lack of “go faith” on the part of the suckers in San Diego.  The union thugs actually believe THEY have the power of “yes or no” in this matter. Why shouldn’t they feel this way? After all, the unions own California, and the suckers work FOR them.

The San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, who can count voters, has come out fighting on this issue saying “We’re not gonna back down one iota, I can tell you that; Because the people do have a right under direct democracy to bypass the city council, to bypass the state legislature, to bypass the labor unions, and to bypass PERB. This is a constitutional right, no different than the first amendment.”

Based on what has happened around the state when other suckers have revolted, Goldsmith looks to be on the winning side. Other local governments are fighting their unions and winning. Surprisingly, even Governor Jerry Brown has joined the fight against the unions in spite of his having been a prime mover in creating this pension mess when he was governor the first time between 1975 and 1983.

What will come of this? Who knows? But any trouble in our enemy’s tent is a good thing.

Photo credit: photologue_np (Creative Commons)

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  1. The rats are jumping off the sinking ship.Moon Beam will be caught up in this mess when they have to start paying for the hundreds of billions for a fast train to know where.Can't wait.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Vet not only paying for the train but taking care of all those illegal aliens.Moon Beam will never learn look at their pension systemthey get more after retireing the they do working something is wrong.Only trouble is the Feds under Obumballs will bail them out.

  2. Carol2324 says:

    I found this interesting factoid about trade unions:

    In the vast sweep of the early American economy, unions were a curiosity rather than a prominent feature, confined largely to skilled trades in big cities and on the railroads. Not until the late 1870s and prosperous 1880s, when political philosophy began to shift toward collectivism and the "progressive era," did national trade unions gain a real foothold."


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