Is Romney Inevitable? Not Yet

Following his 15-point victory in the New Hampshire primary, some in the media have hailed Mitt Romney as the new GOP superman. Romney won the Granite State with 38 percent of the vote, followed by Ron Paul at 23 percent, and Jon Huntsman at just below 17 percent. Everyone else finished in single digits.

Romney was governor of neighboring Massachusetts for four years. New Hampshire residents get most of their media from Boston. Romney winning in New Hampshire was inevitable. Romney’s share of the vote, while impressive, is roughly the same as John Kerry’s in 2004 and John McCain’s in 2008. As with his showing in Iowa, his results barely nudged above the 32 percent he won four years ago. His win was no more monumental than that of Kerry’s in ’04, Paul Tsongas in 1992, or Dick Gephardt’s 1988 victory in the Iowa caucuses.

The Romney-Huntsman juggernaut made the New Hampshire primary the high water mark of the RINO insurgency. (This is, after all, the state that favored John McCain over George W. Bush in 2000. ) But it no more cements Romney as the party’s inevitable leader than it establishes Huntsman as a viable presidential candidate.

Some have pointed out that Mitt is executing the strategy he designed to win the GOP nomination four years ago: win the first several primaries, then crest to the nomination on the waves of pure momentum. But several developments make the comparison inapplicable. Simply put, 2012 is not 2008. Four years ago, the anointed frontrunners for the nomination were John Sidney McCain and Rudy Giuliani. Romney was well to their Right. Conservatives had invested much of their time and energy defending George W. Bush’s foreign policy, the one area McCain appealed to them. (The other was his opposition to Congressional earmarks.) Although disgusted by Bush’s free-spending ways and perpetual pushes for amnesty, no organized TEA Party movement existed to steer the party toward its small-government roots.

Today, none of these things holds true.

No serious candidate can be found to Romney’s Left. Huntsman reached 17 percent of a primary open to independents — and often Democrats — only after all-but-living in the state. His showing makes him the presumptive presidential nominee…of the Americans Elect Party. Repealing ObamaCare is the cause most dear to Republican voters, and it is one on which Mitt Romney will never earn their trust. The TEA Party has bounced one big government Republican after another and is gearing up for another round of nationwide scalp-taking in Indiana, Utah, and all points Left.

But can it prevent the Republican Establishment from dictating its presidential nominee?

As in 1996 and 2008, conservatives cannot coalesce around an alternative. The field offered such choices as Pat Buchanan, Bob Dornan, Alan Keyes, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, Steve Forbes, and Jim Gilmore. This year, too, there are candidates who would motivate the party far more than Mitt Romney — but the set seems crippled by conservative deference, indecision, and misdirection. Michele Bachmann “could not win,” because she made too many “gaffes” — although many of these supposed errors were media distortions and inventions designed to sabotage her candidacy. Conservatives do themselves no favors internalizing the lies of the liberal media.

What happens next? South Carolina could determine the survival of several candidates, but it could also blur the nomination picture and intensify the confusion. After a Santorum “loss” (or victory?) in Iowa, a predictable Romney win in New Hampshire, a Santorum win would solidify him as the anti-Romney. But what if Newt Gingrich narrowly wins in South Carolina, his own neighboring state and one where he held the lead until last month? What if Rick Perry, who is staking his candidacy on the state, miraculously rejuvenates his campaign? It begins to look like 1996 all over again, with Dole narrowly winning in Iowa, Buchanan winning New Hampshire, and Steve Forbes coming in first in Arizona.

If all non-Romneys fall aside, will Ron Paul (who has finished a strong second in both states so far) be the last man standing?

Conservatives would do well to make their choice and stick to it ASAP.

– Ben Johnson, The White House Watch.

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  1. Newt's the only one who can beat the mu slim scum bag!

  2. We will never have a person who the people really want.
    Romney has been groomed for five years by the establishment.
    Lets face it folks we the people do not have a say anymore, we just pat the price!

  3. Newt is a big government advocate all the way. The ONLY one speaking the truth and the one that the establishment fears the most is Ron Paul.

    • Well said. If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, I won't vote (something I have never done). Ron is the only true concervative and Constitutionalist.

  4. Pamela Harper says:

    For what it's worth, I would love to see O have to debate Newt. No matter your feelings about Newt, he could tear O to pieces w/his wealth of political knowledge. At one time, Newt was the most conservative person you could find. If he could get back to the conservative basics he once had, he would be a superb alternative to the piece of crap we now have as POTUS. God bless America.

  5. FLChristy says:

    I am so sick of allowing the establishment and these liberal States to decide who our nominee is going to be! 3 years ago we had John McCain crammed down out throats and look what THAT got us! This is the establishment and the media's, plan! They know the true, patriotic, conservatives in this Country DO NOT WANT ANOTHER RIHO! When are OUR voices going to be heard?

    Florida pushed up their primary, as a large State we should have more influence than insignificant States like New Hampshire (also a State that allows independents to vote in Republican Primaries, guaranteeing a RINO!!). We get punished with removal of half of our delegates, but at least we can hope that the conservatives will still be in the race when they get here!

    I pray that Romney goes down in flames in S.C.!!!

    • Eli Jones says:

      Christy, I got indignant with a Republican party hack for their selection of John McRino. I asked him how could the GOP be so stupid with their perception. To this day, I am not sure if the GOP elite has gotten any smarter.

  6. Eli Jones says:

    I was for Cain before I was for Newt. I would love to see Newt win. However, I will hold my nose and vote for anyone chosen to oppose Obama. That includes Romney.

  7. You didn't mention Ron Paul. He is the the only true concervative that abides by the constitution.

    • Barbara Taylor says:

      Since WHEN was a Wingnut LEFT OF OBSCUMBO, the "only true conservative"! I just wish he'd GO AWAY AND FIND A QUITE CORNER TO SUCK HIS THUMB. Yes, I have seen him in more than one debate, and it's embarrassing! Living in New Hampshire, I've already voted. Other than NOT saying for whom, I CAN tell you that I did NOT vote for this off the wall idiot!

      • I hope you run yourself over with your lawn mower. Keep lying you’re making yourself look stupid. Not everyone is that dumb. You’re an establishment tool. You should feel good about yourself.

    • maxinegridi says:

      Wrong Bill!

      Ron Paul didn't come in a strong second to RINO Romney in an extremely left-leaning, liberal-leaning state like NH (bordering the most left-leaning Mass) … simply because he is "the only true conservative". Just opposite is true!

      Not only is the two-faced Ron Paul to the left of Obama on numerous issues (particularly so when it comes to national defense and national security, Ron Paul (like Obama) has not ceased favoring America's enemies over America (and her allies).

      In fact, Ron Paul is nothing more than a modern-day Neville Chamberlain who has always criticized and blamed America first … for the fact that Muslim extremists have attacked us.

      • You’re as dumb as you are ugly. You’re face will give me nightmares. Just take your vaccines, drink you’re tapwater, and listen to fox news. What’s it like being a zombie?

    • maxinegridi says:

      He even goes so far as to claim that the radical Muslims would not hate us at all … and would even be at peace with us … if only we would just show them we mean them no harm … by turning our back on our ally Israel!

      Never mind the fact, that Muslim extremists were attacking Americans … and any one else for that matter … who wasn't Muslim (or Muslim enough for their taste) … since way before 1948 … when the Jewish people were in the process of being drawn back to their ancient Jewish homeland (according to Ezekiel 36 and 37).

      • Come on. Get real. NOBODY thinks "radical" anything is good. Most Muslims (though Islam is a cult instead of a religion) just want to survive and only dislike we being in their country. If we left, they'd go back to growing their opium poppies and selling them with the help of the CIA (think of Iran Contra with Clinton) and not bother us.

      • You’re a Jew go back to Israel. You care more about them then America. If the Jews want to fight Iran let them do it. They are big boys and girls or are they?

  8. Rommey is too slick. I'm for Newt. He is the only one that has the knowledge, experience, and tells it like it is and would be able to defeat Obama. While I like Ron Paul he would never be able to win against Obama.

    • Newt is a whiney little bitch. Wahh Wahh my name is Newt i am establishment tool. Ron Paul is the man. He plays their rigged game and all they do is lie about him. If the numbers weren’t cooked Ron Paul would be top dog.

    • Newt is a whiney little bitch. Wahh Wahh my name is Newt i am establishment tool. Ron Paul is the man. He plays their rigged game and all they do is lie about him. If the numbers weren’t cooked everyone would know Ron Paul is top dog.

  9. VirgoVince says:

    Face the FACTS, folks, like it or not, Gingrich is the ONLY 'kick ass man with balls' in the running, who CAN beat obozo, save OUR culture and OUR country!! That's exactly why he's being beat on so badly in the media!!
    Don't worry about his past, worry more about OUR future!!
    'Plastic man' (mitt) doesn't cut it!! The others are just more 'empty suits and also rans!!'

    • VirgoVince – you are right. Right now we are fighting for our future and that of our Grandchildren and this country! Regardless of a past we need to vote for someone who has the courage, the experience and the overall ability to do that – and THAT includes leaving Obama on the floor in the debate. The Dems/Obama and his henchmen – Soros, Ayers, Alexrod etc. will try and manuever the debate with selected questions and putting answers in the teleprompter. Hopefully the GOP elite will have the balls to at least not allow the moderator to be a Democrat as they did in the 2007 debate with Gwin Ifill of NPR (a Soros contributed to cablenews) and who had written a book about Obama. We are in for a great deal of fraud from here on out – the MSM will be full of mistruths and lies.

    • NO. We need somebody who will actually get rid of the Federal Reserve and NDAA, which I doubt Newt even cares about since he's a Globalist and mini-O'Bummer-lite (as is Romney).
      Then there's Perry who wants to go back into Iran and Santorum who wants to start WWIII by bombing Iran.

      Geez, Paul seems to be the only one will CHANGE things for the BETTER!

      • VirgoVince says:

        You have a right to your opinion, no matter how WRONG YOU ARE about Gingrich!!
        Can you imagine that wimpy Paul, or any of the RINOs, beating obozo?? Get real!!

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Newts own voting record says otherwise. Are we to ignore this too?
          Paul wimpy? That's interesting. The ONLY congressman that votes WITH the law is wimpy. Guess some AGAIN want someone in the White House that knows how to circumvent the laws.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        They just don't seem to get it stevor. Newt in his "career" has voted continuously AGAINST the people, while Romney likes what sounds good at the time.
        The ONLY thing I have heard people say about these two is that they think they can beat obummer.

        What a great future we look forward to…..

        • VirgoVince says:

          You guys, don't get it!! You have a right to your opinion, no matter how WRONG YOU ARE!!
          "Gingrich is the ONLY 'kick ass man with balls' in the running, who CAN beat obozo, save OUR culture and OUR country!! That's exactly why he's being beat on so badly in the media!!"
          Who else can you name that fits that description??
          END of discussion, if you can't come up with something intelligent to offer!!!!

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            You just don't get it. I agree you have the right to YOUR opinion, even as WRONG AS YOU ARE!
            Kick ass? Don't you mean KISS ass? (or those whore's asses he was caught kissing) Yea, lol, he really does have MORALS, doesn't he…
            See, there's the problem. Your description is that of Ron Paul. The ONLY candidate that is for giving the government back to the people. Who votes WITH the law.
            Gingrich voting record SHOWS he is anything BUT your description. He's a CAREER politician. His VOTING record says he does NOT FOLLOW the law and is NOT FOR the people.
            If your ONLY interest is against GAY MARRIAGES you vote for Newt. Otherwise you run, as fast as you can, away from him.
            Finally, what has Newt taken in a SALARY as Congressman, and what has Ron taken? Proves my point.
            Now THAT is end of discussion.

          • VirgoVince says:

            OK, loser!! I don't usually enter into 'Arguing with Idiots!!'

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Such a "mature" comment.
            With people like you, no wonder this country is on the down hill roll.

            I'm stating FACTS, not arguing. You just don't like the FACTS.

            Seems your perception is skewed..

    • Virgo vince how clever snarf snarf. Don’t worry about the newts past worry about our future! I agree. That’s why im voting Ron Paul.

  10. We must not let the media select the person we are to vote for. Remember Michelle Bachmann? The media pushed her out of the race–she had good core values and the Left would not be able to manipulate her. The GOP picked John McCain and he deliberately lost to Obama (refused to go after him, expose him).

  11. Newt is a scoundrel! Can't get elected! Voters are not going to vote for someone thrice divorced! He supported the global warming hoax before he spoke against it! He is angry, and talks tough! Americans want someone who is polite!

    Let's support Newt! We need a scoundrel to fight the evil Dems! If they bring up his divorces, let him say he is running for president of the U.S., not for a church leadership position! If they bring up his former support of AGW (warming caused by people), let him say he realizes his error; Obama makes all these errors and to this day refuses to acknowledge them!

  12. Barbara Taylor says:

    IF THEY DON'T STOP BREAKING Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment (Thou shalt NOT trash ones fellow same-party candidate, the ONLY thing that (God help us) will be that OBSCUMBO gets a 2d term. An equally relevant quotation (from Bubba Clinton): IT'S ABOUT THE ECONOMY, STUPID!!!!!

  13. I appreciate that everyone here has already accepted that Romney is getting the nomination, and that President Obama will glide into his second term. It's good though, he doesn't really have to spend a lot of time campaigning to beat any of the GOP nominees. So he has more time to work in office. Thank you Mitt Romney, what a patriot.

  14. I'm so sick of hearing Ron Paul called crazy based on quotes the media pulls out of context. Disagreement is one thing, distortion is another. That said, I just hope people will put their brains in the "ON" position and think. Romney is the chosen of the media and the GOP leaders. The last time we let the media and "the leaders" choose our candidate we wound up with Obama! If the "powers that be" manage to run Huntsman I will not vote, I will just go find a high place on a mountain where I can sit, look out and morn and cry for what used to be my country, the United States of America. Romney won't be much better. Feeling pretty sad and hopeless right now!

    • That's probably all by the O'Bummer folks who would LOVE to have a "race" between Romney and O'Bummer because with either one winning, the result would be the same, slipping further into FASCISM

    • Ron Pauls naive approach to islamic terrorism makes him every bit as dangerous as obama. That is not out of context that is out of his mouth.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Out of his own mouth, Ron Paul says Islam should run their country as they want. We need to keep our noses out of their business unless it relates to us.
        He also said the muslims here have a right to their laws UNLESS it contradicts US law. Same as the Catholics, Jewish, Amish etc do.
        He also said we should CLOSE the Sharia Courts ALREADY in America. They go against American law.
        What other candidate said this? None. The others want to fight them and FORCE our laws.
        So how is Ron Paul naive?

  15. Angelicsweep says:

    I’m SICK and TIRED of hearing anyone but obama…romney is nothing more than a white obama! romney IS NOT a conservative and how the tea party could stoop so LOW as to endorse him is beyond me. Ron Paul has a lot of good points for him but he has much more bad ones, such as his foreign policies. We HAVE to have a STRONG Military and Ron Paul just wouldn’t be the one to keep the military strong! His blaming the US for our enemies hating us is just plain nonsense…that sounds just like obama! Newt is a rhino. The TRUE conservatives were knocked out of the race…Cain and Bachmann. I’m NOT voting if romney is nominated…why should we have to hold our noses and vote for who the establishment and the MEDIA wants us to vote for. STOP and think people…WHY does the media keep harping on romney to be our nominee??? WHY? Because he is just like obama. When his lips are moving he is LYING! Telling all those morons out there what they want to hear…NOT what he is going to do! You want obama re-elected even though he is NOT supposed to be there in the first place? Well, you just put your support behind romney and you will see mccain all over again!

    • Took the words right out of my mouth. If Romney is nominated then obama gets his second term and the Republicans will deserve the loss they will surely get. Romney is a John Kerry clone who flips and flops like a fish out of water. We need a candidate with PRINCIPLES and Romney just aint that kind of person. Flipping floppers cant be trusted.

  16. For Romney to declare victory in Iowa when the vote count gave him a 6 vote edge over Sanitorum is ridiculous. But even more ridiculous is that the liberal press allows him to make the claim without a challenge. I seem to remember some of the same strategy with Mc Cain. Romney has one clean win and that is in his own back yard, nothing more nothing less.

  17. Why is everyone saying Romney won in Iowa – with an 8 vote lead – what about the margin of error and what about the man from one county who said there were 20 votes miscounted? Whose votes? Romney is the weakest of all the candidates. You can't believe a speech – look at his record. A one term governor (and if he was such a good governor why only one term?). By his own admitance his choices as governor were liberal because he had a Democrat congress – well so did Reagan and look what he accomplished. Romney has flip flopped on a number of major issues all for his political advantage. He has never dealt with foreign policy or has not been privy to the workings of our government. The big question – is Romney tough enough to stand up to the horrendous problems a new president will face – or will he cave?

  18. Newt is absolutely the best choice around whom conservatives should coalesce. He is the best debater, and he is interested in actually making some gains in the culture war (e.g., getting the out-of-control courts back in line). Paul does not support traditional marriage, and must, on that alone, be rejected as a conservative. He says he personally supports traditional marriage, but apparently has no interest in actually doing anything to defend it from the current onslaught by radical, militant, liberals. So all you who say Ron Paul is the "only true conservative" must be smoking something!

  19. Seeks_the_truth says:

    If the only choice is Newt or Romney, I have no one to vote for. There's NO difference between them and obammy.
    Romney changes his opinion according to which group he's in front of.
    Newt is a career politician. Take a look at his decades of voting. See where he REALLY stands.

    If we only have these two…. we have no hope for the future….

    • Your obviously not listening to the debates or looking at their records. There is a mountain of difference between Romney and Gingrich. Just a couple would be there willingness to critize the Judicial system and how each will deal with the homosexual issue.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I have been listening VERY closely.
        Newt's voting record is one reason I am against him. He is a career politician. If your ONLY concern is AGAINST GAY marriages, you vote for him. I just can't see a SEX addict imposing his MORALS in the White House.
        Romney, has he changed his mind AGAIN if he is pro-life or pro-choice yet? At least you KNOW BEFORE you vote for him, he DOES change his stance.
        Ron Paul wants to give the government BACK to the people. He even calls for the impeachment of obammy. How much STRONGER can you CRITICIZE the Judicial system? What other candidate is voicing THIS? NONE.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          In all fairness, I should rephrase something. I won't say Newt is a "sex addict". What I WILL say is he has had 2 FAILED marriages BECAUSE of adultery. He also had MULTIPLE mistresses at the same time. He has sexually harassed many of his female "employees".
          These are NOT the MORALS I want leading my country.

  20. TheOtherWhiteMeat says:

    I'm tired of these damn RINOs being shoved down our throats. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WILL SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION AND CUT THE GUVMIT DOWN TO SIZE?! ANYBODY ?!?! MARCO ? COL. WEST ??? HELLO!!!…………………

  21. Myrtlelinder says:

    LORD, deliver us from Romney and Obama, or Please send your SON ,soon to deliver us!!! Please, JESUS, SAVIOR OF ALL WHO LOVE GOD AND HIS SON!! WE NEED YOU!! Bless us that we will remain faithful and not give in to evil, whatever may come. You say that, "I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU." WE BELIEVE THAT AND ARE TRUSTING YOU.

  22. Your vote tallies are incorrect. Santorum had more than Huntsman and they were in the teens! Correct your story! Santorum is the best. Romney is a has been.

  23. I think it's a huge red flag that McCain endorsed Romney!

  24. If you don’t support Ron Paul you are ignorant, brainwashed, or the enemy. Possibly a combination
    of all 3

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