Is Obama Organizing Chaos For This Election?

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Are massive Leftist protests planned for Chicago’s G8-NATO summit this May, the RNC Convention in August and a rumored time line for Israel’s “Sweet Spot” early this fall to attack Iran all being orchestrated by the Obama campaign in an unparalleled get out the vote push that is an October surprise to sweep him back into office?

“The Republican National Convention brings together some of the worst politicians that this country has to offer,” organizers say as they are calling on national and international protestors to converge to “Say NO to the Republican Agenda!”

The Fight Back News flier says the Republicans “are spearheading attacks on immigrants and promoting an agenda of racism and hatred.” Union busting, wars overseas and corporate greed are popular talking points of contention for the Democrats looking to gin up their base to be there in November.

Former Black Panther and Leftist activist Brandon Darby told last year’s packed East Orlando Tea Party he left the Black Panthers because he just couldn’t take it anymore. He recoiled when saw a video training session by anarchist leaders showing young men how to make Molotov cocktails to be used at the GOP convention in Minneapolis in 2008. Darby said a definite structure of planners had set up a three part division of responsibilities in the Leftist camp, namely: “The Reds, the hardcore anarchists dressed in black whose sole aim was to fight the police; The Yellows, who were tasked with blocking roads to the Xcel site; The Greens, a loosely knit collection of about 10,000 routine protestors.”

Endorsing organizations already include SDS chapters in Tampa Bay, Gainesville, Chicago, Wisconsin, and Minnesota colleges and universities. The Student-Farm Worker Alliance along with PROYECTO DIGNIDAD will be marching for immigrant rights along with certain women’s groups. The Alliance for Global Justice, the International Action Center and the South Bay (San Jose, CA) Committee Against Political Repression and the Anti-War Committee of MN show the national and international scope of this widespread movement against the RNC Convention in Tampa this August.

CIA and FBI policies upset the Committee to Stop FBI Repression which is endorsing the Tampa march. “For too long, too many politicians in both political parties have ignored our needs, while serving the interests of the rich and powerful. We need to take things into our own hands and make them understand the consequences of their actions.

Monday, August 27 is the time to advance the cause of justice and make our voices heard,” states the protest march flier which you can read at.

The Free Ricardo Palmero Movement (his war name is simon trinidad with no capitalization) also are opposing Republicans in Tampa. The son of a law professor Palmero-trinidad, who is in a U.S. federal prison serving out a 60 year no parole sentence, is the icon of activists who see him as “a prisoner in an American prison as part of the war against the poor.” His supporters fear he’s being used as a pawn in the colonialist (their word) war because he is or was a member of FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. He was captured in Ecuador and extradited to the U.S. for drug trafficking, terrorism and hostage taking.

Leftist street theatre plus antiwar marches make up a mask or skein for the political base of the community organizer needing their mobilization edge. Don’t fall into their trap.

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(4) flier being passed out to protestors: see (1), cliq on left side to read endorsing organizations


(6) go to their official website at

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  1. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. It also wouldn't surprise me to find out he's been hoping for total unrest so he could declare martial law and remain in office without an election.

    • if that happens, you will see the people and the armed forces take back our country and eliminate the source of the cancer

      • Pamela Harper says:

        The stupid governor of NC, you know the one who suggested that we should suspend elections, has already banned so many things concerning the Democratic convention, that will be held in Charlotte. She is going to make sure that the goons at this convention will be protected. Hey Bev, how about the law abiding citizens that have tried to play by the rules……..what kind of help have you given them?! We the people are screwed. They hold all the cards!

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Don't plan on the military to be on our side.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I totally agree,this boy wants to be king and like all dictators this is one way to do it.

  2. Elaine Connelly says:

    I agree completely with jb80538. Watch out for December 20,2012. He can declare Marshal Law and the election becomes invalid. Do we dare hope not?
    If he decrees Marshal Law, can we do our best to get to WDC and drag him out of the White House and include his family as well, plus all his Czars. Methinks his czars would do well to hide or leave the country before that happens.

    • They say if you can't vote them out you take them out…. That may be our only choice…. If he declares Marshal Law you can almost bet there will be a civil war or revolution……The rabid mad dog will do anything to stay in power….

    • Elaine, that's quite ironic because December 21 is when the Mayans predicted when the end of the world will happen!

    • VirgoVince says:

      Make that Martial Law, please!! But either way, it's not going to work, WE WILL rebel and there is hell to pay against any opposition!!!!


  4. VirgoVince says:

    YOU know there's NO way he can win, legitimately!! With him, everything is chaos, fraud and corruption!!

  5. This is a Dangerous, Con man in our White House!

  6. this illegal terrorist boon is going to pull every underhanded illegal punch he can this election, I hope it all blows up in his face

  7. Obama will do anything he can to incite us to rebel, his excuse for martial law. Especially if he feels he cannot "fix" the voting this time. He already has his armies ready and waiting for him to say the word. I have read on the net where he already has Russian and Chinese troops on our shores , Don't know if this is true, but would not be surprised at anything he does. Do we have a chance to overcome our enemies?? I don't think we stand a chance, he has been preparing for this for three years. The NWO will not be easy to overcome. We all need to say our prayers, only God will listen to us.

  8. Of course he's going to involve chaos. His only job, prior to this one, was community organizer, which depended on chaos in order to reach their goals. Without chaos, voter fraud, ACORN, the Black Panthers, & similar evil organizations, he hasn't a prayer of being re-elected, now that we know what he's all about!

  9. Myrtlelinder says:

    The only way way that he will not be president, again is that it is not in GOD'S plans, for the USA.

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    Ever since Obuma got elected he thrived on trouble and thisboot knew what he was doing.He made sure he started spreading the word that the poor should hate the rich and the welfare bums should hate workers unless we tax the crapout of them to pay for the lazy people who don't want to work.Obuma is the snake in the story of Adam and Eve.

  11. The Obama administration and all of the ones who depend on him and his handouts, sycophants and Saul Alinsky-wannabes have orchestrated mayhem from before day one. It is called "neighborhood organizing". He told us he was a "neighborhood organizer" but America overlooked the true meaning of that so as to appear joyous at the opportunity to be "politically correct" and welcome, with open arms, the first black president. Sort of like the Isrealites praying for a King when God did not want them to have one. They persisted and they got one……….a monstrous brute who terrorized them. Well, we got one too and look what our "political correctness" appearance got us…..pandemonium, class division, a national debt that will never be paid before the end of time. It is embarrassing to say the least. Yes, we got exactly what we deserve for being so accepting at face value. We got a master illusionist and weaver of smoke and mirrors. We got a real Saul Alinsky follower who took his promises of dreams directly from comrade Alinsky's little red book.

  12. I wouldn't doubt for a minute that Odumbo is in cahoots with the Iranian tyrant — turning a blind eye when he travels to the UN — why that freak hasn't been taken out of society, while on our soil, is a mystery of its own. And the billions we pay into that corrupt organization should make every American's blood boil..Face it, any tax dollar is a wasted dollar..Abolish the IRS and the tax code and the government is toothless!
    Like Syria, Libya, and Egypt, all and any leader can be removed — it is all a question of what citizens are living you work hard and live for freedom or to be enslaved by a pseudo government dictatorship? What is truly worth fighting for folks?

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