Is Obama Kicking Iran Nuclear Threat Down The Road?

Obama Iranian Chess Is Obama Kicking Iran Nuclear Threat Down The Road?

In a war of words between the United States and Iran over the regime’s nuclear program, the US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, announced that the US had a plan ready for possible military strikes on Iran. This threat was made to make the Obama Administration look tough prior to the resumption of talks with the Iranians to try to get them to halt their nuclear weapons program. The United States considers military action as the last resort if diplomatic efforts should fail.

In what some consider an effort to appeal to American Jewish voters, this show of willingness to use force could be seen as pandering to Israel after years of mistreating and criticizing the Jewish State and its leaders. Having our Ambassador to Israel make a public pronouncement promising to bolster an Israeli missile defense system known as the ‘Iron Dome’ during an election year may be seen as a cynical effort to appeal for campaign cash from Jewish donors as well.


The United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany have been using sanctions and negotiations to stop the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. To date, these attempts have had little impact. According to UN Inspectors, Syrian forces and the Taliban in Afghanistan are being supplied arms from Iran. These are the only known violations of UN sanctions. Because Iran has been proficient at circumventing sanctions, observers think that sanctions have impacted Iran’s nuclear program but had to admit that no one can confirm she is not still producing enriched weapons grade uranium.

What may really happen

Despite the saber rattling from the current administration, Ian Bremmer, the president of Eurasia Group says, “we’re not going to do anything” [outside of sanctions].  Unless the US and Europe get the Iranians to stop its nuclear weapons program, the West will have no other option but to take military actions. Since weak presidents and poorly imposed sanction have historically not discouraged North Korea from developing her nuclear and missile program, there is no reason to think sanctions will work on Iran either.

Because Barack Obama’s days in office are numbered, Iran’s nuclear threat will be another problem that gets kicked down the road for future generations to deal with.

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  1. sean murry says:

    Our enemies are laughting at us.

  2. Devasahayam says:

    No, 0bama hates America and wants it to be under Muslim tyranny–doesn't matter whether Iranian or other!

  3. David F. says:

    Anyone else noticing that Obama is supporting the overthrow of Arabic countries that have benefits towards America's previous Foreign Policies, and has lumped our military into situations where the "Muslim Brotherhood" will move in and take over. With the "Muslim Brotherhood" in power in these previously friendly to U.S. nations, those same Arab nations will now be against U.S. policies in that area of the world.

  4. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Yes, so he can look the other way, while the ugly monkey can destroy Israel. Marxist bum.

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