Is Obama Getting Ready To Seize Power?

Obama Forward SC 690x1024 Is Obama Getting Ready To Seize Power?

This is a theory that I have put together to make the case for Obama seizing power. First, lets look at the facts.

Obama has issued many executive orders pertaining to peacetime Martial Law, he has control of drone strikes against American citizens on US soil, and he signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. Reasons for his actions: unknown.

The Department of Homeland Security has recently purchased millions of rounds of ammunition and 7,000 assault rifles. Reasons for these actions: unknown.

Obama recently had top-secret construction done on the White House (and, using Sequestration for an excuse, has stopped all White House tours, even though Donald Trump has agreed to pay for them for the rest of this fiscal year.) Reasons for these actions: unknown.

When Obama and Congressional Democrats discussed Amnesty for illegal aliens, an idea for a possible path for citizenship was for illegals to serve in either the US military, Peace Corps, or Americorp for a period of two years; and then citizenship would be granted.

Homeland Security, using Sequestration for an excuse, has started to release illegal alien CRIMINALS without deporting them. The reason for this action: unknown.

Do you have the picture yet? My theory is that Obama is building his civilian army against Americans using illegal aliens, supplied with arms from DHS, with a promise of full citizenship in the NEW USA. After his opposition is either eliminated or imprisoned, of course. The White House will become the new Presidential Palace. This is the only plausible reason for these actions that I can come up with. I sincerely hope that I am wrong. As always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

Photo credit: Dave Merrick


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  1. Oh no. He's not getting ready to seize power. He's already got it. He's looking to secure TOTAL and absolute power. He doesn't want to be president. He wants to be supreme ruler. All the actions that he is taking being listed as "unknown" isn't entirely correct. There's a common thread in all of his actions and the conclusion could be made that he's got something big planned and he wants to ensure that he comes out on top in the end. All of the current evidence points to this. He must think his time is running out or else he wouldn't be moving so quickly and using excuses to buy more time. Something needs to happen that cuts his time short and soon before the virus kills the body. Hopefully done in a way that takes him by surprise. Because if he knows a take down is coming, he'll press his panic button and pull off a desperate move.

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