Is Obama Brilliant Or Just Stupid?

Photo credit: Donatello Tomasso (Creative Commons)

The debate that is constantly swirling around the Internet’s many websites and blogs is whether Barack Obama is brilliant or stupid. Like most of the nation, opinions are fairly divided between those who think he is an evil genius and others who think he is an imbecile.

When people start to defend themselves by saying out loud that they are not stupid, there’s a better than average chance they are stupid and, like most stupid people, are denying it. At his Friday press conference in which he declared another illegal change to the Affordable Care Act (one made without going to Congress and requesting that the Obamacare “law of the land” be changed), the President said, “I don’t think I’m stupid enough to say this is going to be as easy as shopping around on Amazon or Travelocity.”

Northwestern University’s Prof. Eugene Kontorovitch, a legal affairs policy advisor to The Heartland Institute, responded to Obama’s press conference saying, “President Obama did not specify what statutory authority, if any, he thinks authorizes him to make such dictats and, given the gargantuan length of the Obamacare statute, he might still be looking.”

After the President’s press conference, the president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, Karen Ignagni, released a statement saying that Obama’s administrative fix to the health plan cancellation problem “could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers,” pointing out that “Premiums have already been set for next year based on the assumption of when consumers will be transitioning to the new marketplace.” There is a solution to this; repeal Obamacare entirely.

The facts reveal that he was stupid enough to believe Obamacare would work. He let the law go into effect knowing that was not ready to sign up people and that millions were going to lose the insurance plans they had. Some argue that that was brilliant; evil, but brilliant.

Wayne Allyn Root, commentator and the author of “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide”, wrote that, as far as Obamacare is concerned, “This is a serious, purposeful attempt to hijack American and destroy capitalism. This is a brilliant, cynical, and purposeful attempt to damage the U.S. economy, kill jobs, and bring down capitalism.”

Playing devil’s advocate, I would argue that Obamacare is the ultimate example of how utterly stupid liberal programs to alter the nation’s economy are. Why would anyone think that the government could possibly take charge of one sixth of the nation’s economy (and arguably the finest healthcare system in the world) and not completely ruin it?

The government took over the nation’s educational system, and it has been failing students for decades, producing graduates who have to take remedial programs in college just to keep up with the expectations of higher education. The government took over the environment and, instead of being responsible for removing pollution from the air and waters, now have an agency that is undermining all aspects of the economy, from access to energy reserves to increased costs of manufacturing.

Obama’s handling of the nation’s foreign affairs has been a dismal failure. Either he is stupid, or his advisers are dumber than he is. His first Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, utterly failed to respond to the U.S. ambassador’s calls for help from the Benghazi consulate when it was under attack; and both she and the President lied about it, claiming that a video no one had seen was the cause of an event that occurred on the anniversary of 9/11. After the latest negotiations with Iran that would give that rogue nation more time to construct a nuclear weapon fell through, the current Secretary of State, John Kerry, said, “We are not blind and I don’t think we’re stupid.” He was wrong on both counts.

As noted, the voters are divided; but one wonders why liberals never ask themselves why Obama feels it is necessary to lie about everything before and after it has been put in action.

A November 13 Rasmussen poll found that “Voters are evenly divided when asked whether President Obama deliberately lied about the impact of the health care law before it was passed by Congress. But they strongly believe Americans should be able to keep their existing health insurance policies.”  The survey found that 46% of likely U.S. voters believe the president purposely misled Americans about the potential impact of the health care law. Forty-five percent (45%) disagreed and think that Obama honestly expected the law to work out the way he said it would. Ten percent (10%) were undecided.

You don’t have to be a political pundit to know that millions of Americans, by November 2014 when the midterm elections occur, are going to be very angry about the disruption to their lives associated with Obamacare: higher premiums, loss of their personal physician, and the concurrent effect on the economy as many are forced into part-time status or lose their jobs.

Americans have always worshipped success and, conversely, fled from failure in whatever form it took. Obamacare is a legislative abortion, a failure of stupendous legislative overreach and hubris.

If Obama is brilliant, one might conclude that he would have been able to set the economy on a path of growth in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis; but the data reflects the millions of Americans who are out of work five years after he took office and the slow growth of the economy. Previous presidents faced with similar circumstances were able to turn the economy around, but not Obama.

It is not sufficient to say that Obama is a significantly flawed individual. We are all flawed in some regard, but I think it is safe to say that he is stupid in a very profound way.

The reality of the healthcare plan that he and his fellow Democrats in Congress inflicted on the nation is such that only their liberal view that the greatest economic engine in the world needed a vast revision-a fundamental transformation-is now revealed as breathtakingly stupid.

That leaves half the nation hostage to the other half that believes he is not a liar and not responsible for the degradation of a great nation still capable of achieving great progress and growth. Much will depend on how angry and unhappy the stupid half of the voters are in November of next year. They might just rouse themselves to rid Congress of the Democrats in power in the Senate and reduce their numbers further in the House.

At least, we can hope so.


This commentary appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 


Photo credit: Donatello Tomasso

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  1. A little bit brilliant and a little bit stupid —— but a whole lot idiot clown

  2. I honestly am not a fan of Obama. Because of him, families like mine r destroyed. We cant afford HIS law! Now we r screwed having 2 pay fines with money we dont have! We r going 2 suffer evn more than wat we were b4! I have a major health issue that has 2 b constantly watched. I have gran mal seizures that if i miss a dose, i have a major episode! Just this yr we had 2 up my dose 3 times in 3 wks 2 stabalize me on my meds that i have been taking for yrs! Had 2 do “appointments” ovr the phone with my neurologist cause i cant afford 2 pay! We dont have the money 2 pay 4 Obamas healthcare bulls***! Now we r screwed. 2 me his law is almost contradicting. U cant afford his health care crap. U get a fine & have 2 pay with money u dont have. Thats y u didnt get the insurance is because its money u dont have! Then after payed fine ur left with nothing! Thats robbing in my book. Obama is a LIAR. “If u like ur current plan, u can keep ur plan”. Yeah right. Obviously not. Ppl have gotten kicked off their plan because the insurance companies didnt meet HIS standards! He knew wat he wad doing. He knee that they would b kicked off & therefore b FORCED 2 buy his crap. Then the premiums r predicted 2 go UP. Forcing ppl 2 pay evn more! Lies lies lies! Economy is crap. Alotta ppl r still 2 ignorant 2 c wats really going on. Oreither that, they have enough money 2 not have 2 wry. Oh i luv how he has also broken ovr 10 constitutional laws (that we have lived by 4 ovr 200yrs) & hes STILL in office! He doesnt care about us Americans! He luvs himself & money! Giving awards 2 his BIGGEST fans- Clinton & Oprah. OPRAH?! U serious?! There r a million other ppl that deserve that award! But yet everyone sits bk & watches all this! Half of them oblivious 2 wats really going on! Or just dont care! Funny. In the bible its states that 1 day we will have a leader with no good intentions. His name will evn equal up 2 666. U take Obamas 1st, middle & last name. Find the meaning of each. Then evry letter has a number in the alphabet. Like C is 3. If u take each letter & write numbers down, add the numbers. They equal 666. He is nothing but a demon. I signed an impeach petition & i truely really hope it happens! I dont want my family or me 2 suffer ANYMORE! Nor the other families of this country! Thank God i wasnt 1 of the million of idiots that voted 4 Obama!

    • "Now we r screwed having 2 pay fines with money we dont have! "

      this is patently ridiculous, and I'd say very likely to have been written by some flunky, attempting to seem illiterate – you know, so they'd fit in.

      why is it ridiculous? because the only penalties that people have to pay under the ACA is if they earn enough to purchase affordable coverage, but choose not to. If you don't earn enough, your health insurance will be subsidized. it's already happening for hundreds of thousands of people who have enrolled. what's sad is that five million more people would now be covered by Medicare, except Republican governors in many states have chosen not to allow Medicare expansion in their states.

      • Linda From NY says:

        To warbler,
        This is a Free Country, do you understand that? This a matter of personal choice should you or I want to buy Healthcare Insurance should be up to us, NOT Obozo. No one including the Clown in chief should force anyone to buy his crappy healthcare. His healthcare is one size fits all is nothing more then Socialist Communist and we should not allow this nonsense

        This idiot operates just like the mob, he will be using the IRS as his personal Goons, the is what thugs do, Chicago Thug Style. We have a fraudster in the white house who is destroying the Country with his radical choices and reckless spending, killing our economy and stealing from our children

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Linda I'll bet that warbler is a down right liberal commie pinko like the sand monkey in then white house.he sure isn't brilliant thats for sure must have went to a government school.

          • Linda From NY says:

            Hi Edward,
            This warbler moron will not wake up until obozo goes after his/her money, when this moron is force to pay up then the moron will wake up.

      • The PPACA is patently unconstitutional, and I'd say very likely to have been ghost written by some legacy American Communists/Marxists/Socialists circa 2005-2007 — you know, so it would be ready for anti-Capitalist ideologues like Obama, Pelosi and Reid to ram down "We the people's…" throats whether we liked it or not.

        Why is it patently unconstitutional? Because the SCOTUS ruled it a tax, the Constitution mandates that all tax legislation must originate in the House of Representatives, and the PPACA originated in the Senate.


  3. Wiseoldlady says:

    The correct term is sociopathic…as they think of all schemes to punish and inflict evil upon others. Ob is mentally sick and full of hate. His NWO puppet masters are even disgusted with him.
    Smart….hell no
    Street smarts…..yes

    • Well said. I completely AGREE. He should be put in jail and put in Git mo. He hates amarica like his rasist father

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I also agree he got his street smarts from being a gang leader oops I mean community organizer he went around the stores to collect protection money.

  4. clearly, he's brilliant, while you teabillies are stupid.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Brilliant? he is a Clown and Incompetent Fool, the whole world and the Country is laughing at him

      If he so brilliant then what happen under his watch that 4 Americans were ignore and left to die? Do you have an answer? and then lie about it and blame it on a video

      If he so brilliant why does he blames others for his mistakes? such as IRS scandal and he doesn't man up and takes responsibly

      If he so brilliant then why does he lies so much? such as Hope and Change? "you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor" another lie.

      This is the WORST president ever and what makes even worst he is NOT qualify to be our leader

      • Well said and it’s the truth. Liberals hate the truth. That’s why they shout you down when you talk intellectually. Thay can’t handle it.

        • Linda From NY says:

          To Kali,

          Thank you, it is good to see that there are wise citizens that see what is going on with this clown. Before the election of 2012, there were so many people adoring obozo that it was sickening to watch. Myself and others who knew better could NOT make these people understand that obozo did not have their best interest at heart.

          Now a year later they see him for what he is but it is too late, in the mean time we all get screwed by this loser Obama.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda you forgot Fast & Furious that he was involved in with his pet monkey Holder.If this man wasn't told what to do by Jarrett and Soros he'd just golf everyday or take Grape Ape on vacation.

        • Linda From NY says:

          Hi Edward,

          yes you are right, I forgot about Fast and Furious, this loser Obama has screwed up so many times that I have lost count. I don't understand why this jerk is still in office?

      • I would agree with you, that he is the Worst — but..he's not even THAT good!

    • Is that so? Please, list your reasons as to why. Come back with the research to prove your point. Otherwise, you're just looking for attention. Dude, just call your mommy already.

    • Get a like dude. You must be in a union…

  5. It's apparent to many that BO is neither brilliant(what's his GPA) or stupid because we have no idea who he is or if he is a American or not, the American people are stuck with a frigging fluke because of the deceptive political shenanigans of the left, the cover ups by the MSM and the enabling of the RINO element of the right side of the aisle.
    He has a Blackberry he will not allow monitoring of, and constantly avoids answering hard questions truthfully, so someone has to be telling him how to play all these games he has swirling about his administration. It's evident this guy has a hard time finding his own butt and keeping all his lies straight, he is on the verge of impeachment and the paint he has used to corner himself if not drying. So who is it that is keeping him propped up and dodging the bullet?….my bet is Soros the money man.

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:


  7. Obamacare is and will be a disaster whether it stays or goes. Millions of policies canceled and no where to buy another except for Medicaid. I think that is what Obama wanted in the first place. Single Payer.

  8. The fraud as i said many times is an illegal rasist in the White House. I refuse to call that thing a commander in chief . Only un informed people voted for this loser. Please God show this great country what this fraud is. God Bless America

  9. Brilliant? Stupid? Or maybe Obama is controlled. He does have an agenda and he is following a particular strategy adopted from somebody else. However, there are a number of things he has said and done that are just stupid-stupid-stupid. It's just sad that Obamacare had to be implemented in order for avid followers of Obama to see that. Well, for nearly five years, you can't say you weren't warned.

  10. I think Obama is an absolute IDIOT! He is a pawn being used by his Communist Czars and Valerie Jarrett to being about their Marxist goals. They can try to prop him up as brilliant, but all you have to do is hear him try to speak without his teleprompters to know that he is just plain stupid.

  11. Edwardkoziol says:

    This porch monkey is the biggest joke since Carter At least Peanuts admitted he was a dummy while Obozo thinks he is a god and everybody should believe in him and listen when Buckwheat speaks.

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