Is Newt a Conservative? Look Before You Leap

Besides his stunning leap in yesterday’s Rasmussen Iowa poll, Newt Gingrich is surging in a few national polls and sagging badly in at least one Iowa poll. What the final numbers will show in Iowa remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, aside from his “paper serving” episode with one of his ex-wives, there are a few additional very important items in Gingrich’s past – some not very far back – that demand a closer look.

Gingrich has been tagged by Willard Romney as the inspiration for RomneyCare and eventually ObamaCare’s requirement for a individual health care mandate which would require all of us to march lockstep into the clutches of a gray, faceless socialist health care system. In his 2008 book Real Change, Gingrich wrote “Finally, we should insist that everyone above a certain level buy [health-care] coverage [or, if they are opposed to insurance, post a bond].” Post a bond? Really, Mr. Gingrich? And just who would hold the bond money, the federal government?

Gingrich supports a “partial amnesty.” He would accept a “partial amnesty for illegal aliens” to help them game our system. He seems to rely on the liberal’s favorite way to justify destroying our legal system – the old tried and true sob story citing the “plight” of a 19 year old illegal brought here at 3 years old. By his logic there are very few laws that could not be repealed. Mr. Gingrich a “partial amnesty” is like being “partially pregnant” or “partially dead” — it just doesn’t exist.

Despite his kind of, sort of, opposition to TARP before he supported it, he….

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  1. You are still harping on this stupid clip of him with Pelosi. Even he admitted it was one of the dumbest things he ever did. Newt will debate the Kenyan to shreds. He had a good record as Speaker of the House and had a balanced budget for 4 years and cut welfare spending with Slick Willie as president. I am interested in where he is today, not years ago.

    • Exactly.. He's denounced that ad he did with Pelosi, said he was wrong about the individual mandate meaning it was unconstitutional . Point is that he said he was wrong. And he had the balls to admit it.

  2. The Ultra Liberal Newt Gingrich:
    Newt Gingrich:
    Here is the Newt you don't know:
    1.Newt wrote or originated BOCare [heath care manifesto] manifesto, that was implemented later by Mitt Romney;
    2.Newt Wants to extend the use of illegal Executive orders;
    3.Newt is Pro-U.N.;
    4.Newt is Pro-Fed; after 2 depressions caused by them.
    5.Net is in favor of NAFTA;
    6. Newt still supports the Global Warming myth.
    7.Newt is pro-Amnesty, which means ever increasing amnesty, once his foot is in the door.

  3. I still think Newt is our only real hope against Obama…He's just wiley enough and he'd get something done! Quickly!…I'm standing with Newt…Gingrich/Romney ticket…

    • Atlanticgrl says:

      Then your non very smart. They are BOTH progressives in republican clothing. Voting for eith one would be voting for another 4 years of Obama. WAKE UP. ROMNEY IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. NEWT IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE!

      RESEARCH, d*mn it.

  4. AmericansRon2U says:

    Anyone who thinks that Newt is a conservative has not done their homework on him. All you need to know is that he is a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) which is dedicated to ushering in the New World Order. Yes, he's a brilliant speaker and debater but that doesn't mean he means anything he says! Have we learned nothing from the crowds of people who claimed Obama was 'a brilliant speaker'? How's that working out for ya? Watch what these politicians DO, not what they SAY…they're usually two different things.

  5. Edward Ferrer says:

    I read all 3 previous comments and IMHO, they are advocating the WRONG solution. If any of the followng candidates are nominated for President, I
    will vote Indepedent, or 3rd Party. They are, in that order (1) Newt Gingrich
    (2) Mitt Romney and (3) Rick Perry, Will stay with Michelle Bachmann or
    Herman Cain. They can beat Mr.Soetoro, because they are more qualified
    as TRUE Conseratives! That settles it for me! The 3 candidates I menationed
    are more like RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only!) Those 3 candidates love
    to play games with us, and they live by DOUBLE STANDARDS! It makes me sick
    when people make demi-gods out of them! To me a TRUE GOP Congress is
    more important than who runs The White House! I HATE Idolatry! God,
    is the ONLY one I trust. I refuse to put my trust in fallible men. Even
    So, Come Quickly. Lord Jesus/Yeshua! KEEP THE FAITH! God is IN CONTROL
    and ABLE!

  6. SEAN MURRY says:

    Both newt and romeny are rinos.

  7. I will not argue that both Romney and Newt are RINO’s. However I will argue that anyone who believes a third party might be the answer is shoving Obama right back down our throats. Obama does what his mentor, financier, handler etc., George Soros tells him to do – Obama is merely a puppet. Soros has bribed the MSM, their pundits, has contributed to over 500 organizations along with ACORN and SIEU and the Unions. What is needed is to have a conservative (moderate a debate with all the arguments against them and put their feet to the fire. Even with baggage (they all have some) they are better than what’s in the White House now. We will be under Marxist Muslim (look at the increase of Muslims in this country since the Muslim moved into the White House) rule, Sharia law, poverty, loss of freedoms (which we are losing on a daily basis) and our Constitution will be gone IF Obama sees the White House for another four years. Think of the future you will be handing our children and grandchildren – we are already putting them in debt!

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Right on all counts. One way or another, we have GOT to GET THIS FILTHY muSLIME out of our capitol! This is going to be our downfall if Americans don’t stop quibbling and get real, and get some sense of the COMMON sort! Unite with one candidate and VOTE this PEICE OF FILTH OUT! Another 4 years and we are sunk, like the Titanic! And all of the naysayes above, do you have anyone better, or any better solutions? If you do, the time is now to speak up and let us all know! If not, then shut up or put up! This arguing and fighting between ourselves is exactly what the NASTY WORD in office wants and counts on in order to once again fool and screw the people, so that he can totally COMPLETE HIS SLIMY islime islimic MISSION!!!!!! Is this what everyone truly wants? Seeing this abortion and his filth spread his filth across the nation as far as he can spread it, is this what you snarky people want? Divide and conquer is exactly how this peice of trash from hell wants to see, so that he can do his dirty muSLIME work! I despise him and everything he is and stands for, and I’d vote for ANYONE ELSE RATHER THAN SEE HIM ONCE AGAIN ON MY TV SCREEN WITH THAT SHITTY GRIN THAT LAUGHS AT US EVERYTIME HE GIVES US THE FINGER AS IN THE PICTURE AT THE TOP OF THIS REPORT!!!!!!! GET A GRIP PEOPLE, BEFORE WE ARE TOTALLY SCREWED AND DOOMED TO AN I S L I M I C HELL AND HAVE TO LIVE WITH THESE FILTHY, DIRTY, DISEASED AND SINCERELY UGLY M U S L I M E S IN OUR COUNTRY!!!!!! AND LIVE BY THEIR SATANIC AND HELLISH RULES AND IDEALS!!!! THAT ALONE MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE MY GUTS OUT AND HOLD MY HEAD IN THE TOILET!!!!!!! EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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