Is New York City An Experimental Communist Utopia?

Michael Bloomberg 2 SC Is New York City An Experimental Communist Utopia?

Welcome to New York City. A city that is run by Mike Bloomberg, a man who has served more time as Mayor than he should have only because he changed the rules and spent a lot of money in order to secure his position.

New York City is a place that is severely overcrowded and a place where people would rather shoot you than look at you.  It is one of the favorite spots of the Liberals/Communists to visit. It is home to the United Nations, the most socialist entity ever known to Freedom-loving Americans.

Since Bloomberg’s tenure began, he has been changing every aspect of Freedom in the city. There is no other place in these great United States where salt is banned, guns are banned, trans fats in food is banned, donations by restaurants to food pantries are banned (simply because there is no calorie count provided with the donation, no kidding), tobacco smoking in all public places is banned, 32-ounce sugary drinks were banned until the ban was struck down by a judge just recently, and now he is forcing merchants to take down ALL tobacco displays and keep the tobacco either behind a curtain or in a backroom. This is an attack on the free exercise of commerce at it’s best. He has also stated that he wants to raise the price of a pack of cigarettes to ten dollars and fifty cents.

The “upside” to the little baby Dictator Bloomberg’s city?  Eighty percent of all New York City school graduates cannot read, write, spell, or do basic math. They won’t have to worry about running up excessive college tuition bills; they won’t have to worry about getting up every morning to go to work because welfare will take care of their every need. The city will provide them with free contraception, abortions, meth (to assist in getting clean), and even free hypodermic needles so they don’t spread disease. This cesspool is a liberal’s/communist’s dream! No wonder why the Hollywood elite like it here.

Unfortunately, us poor slobs from upstate New York still get up every morning and go to work just to pay our taxes and watch them get funneled downstate in order to support this little communist utopia that Bloomberg has created. The only things that New York City has given us to date are empty wallets, a communist Governor and Assembly speaker, and a RINO state Senate leader. In my opinion, New York City should become its own self-governing entity and leave the rest of  us alone so that we may at least have a chance at survival. As always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.


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  1. mloraine says:

    Kudos to you,Tim …. NYC must have missed trash day and we all suffer with the stench and rats!

  2. Mario Correale says:

    Bloomberg needs to be checked for dimentia!!!

  3. I hope they put a wall up around New York and keep those supid people there dont let them come to are states If they cant kick out this Mayor and Govener for all the things they have put in to laws and all the suffering these people have been trough with sandy but yet they will set back and let these scum balls keep takeing away from them and dont try to fight back I cant feel sorry for these sheep heading to slader they all must be Brained washed by the schools over the years or most all of them are libs and Muslims or Mexicans and Blacks that want to keep getting free stuff till the money runs out

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