Is Nacy Pelosi’s Daughter In Trouble With The Liberals For Her Comment About The American Borders?


Alexandra Pelosi is a documentary filmmaker and the daughter of House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who is promoting a heartbreaking documentary about the surge of undocumented migrants crossing the southern border.

She describes how the problem is getting worse in spite of warnings that immigrants should not come to America.  “The irony is, that they think the Border Patrol is there to save them. They think of them as the rescue. So they go to the border, they get dumped at the border, and then they wait for Border Patrol to come rescue them–and they think they’re free, that that’s it. And they get handed deportation documents, but really they think they’re, it says permito, they think it means it’s a permit to stay; so they think once they made it to the border, they’ve arrived.”

Ms. Pelosi said what surprised her the most after spending a week down on the border was how naïve and innocent the people are. She went on to explain that she has seen where these people are coming from: “I’ve seen some of their homes with dirt floors. They have nothing. There’s gang violence, the rapes, all kinds of bad situations. They have nothing to lose.”

“I think every member of Congress needs to go down there. There’s no way that you can understand what’s going on at our borders unless you go see it. It really is a humanitarian crisis.”

Nancy Pelosi is making the trip to the border on Saturday.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The plastic botox bitch will be taking herdaughter off the will if she starts to talk like an American who doesn't want her country to become a third world country.

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