Is Mitt That Different From Obama?

mitt romney12 243x300 Is Mitt That Different From Obama?

Believing Willard Romney when he is talking about not forcing Catholic hospitals to dispense R U 486 pills is not easy.

During last night’s Republican Presidential primary debate in Arizona, Willard used strong unequivocal words to deny that as governor of Massachusetts he had forced Catholic hospitals to dispense “morning after” RU 486 abortion inducing pills which is against the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Romney said, “No, absolutely not. Of course not. There was no requirement in Massachusetts for the Catholic Church to provide morning-after pills to rape victims. That was entirely voluntary on their part. There was no such requirement.”

Did Willard tell the truth? You decide.

On December 8, 2005 as governor of Massachusetts Willard Romney announced that private hospitals including those run by the Catholic Church would be forced by the power of the State of Massachusetts to offer emergency contraception to sexual assault victims without regard for the moral convictions of the hospital’s administration.

What made this still worse was that right up until his flip flop on this issue Willard had defended the right of Catholic hospitals to refuse to dispense these RU 486 pills. It came out of the blue.

The cynical explanation for the turnaround was that a Romney lawyer had concluded the recently enacted Romneycare program (callously signed  the preceding spring during Easter Week) supersedes a preexisting state law that allowed an exemption for Catholic and other faith based conscious driven organizations.

This turnabout presupposes that Romney honestly did not realize his monstrosity would nullify the earlier exemption.

The grounds for Romney’s announcement were undermined by a Massachusetts Department of Public Health statement, made around the same time, which reaffirmed the exemption. It  disagreed saying Romneycare does not supersede a previous statute protecting the conscious rights of private medical facilities.

When you add the fact that in a September 2002 meeting with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Romney promised the ghouls in attendance that they would have a friend in “Washington” (if they helped him someday get elected president) it becomes difficult to believe Mister Romney when he says he never forced Catholic hospitals to dispense R U 486. Don’t you agree?

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  1. Romney isn't a muslim terrorist like the boon

  2. doris fitch says:

    The biggest area Romney is like Obama is he too believes global warming is man made & had an environmental agenda with Lisa McCarthy working for him & she now works in the EPA, writing some of the new laws & regulations. He had been asked if he would get rid of the EPA & he said he'd make a few changes. It's the EPA implementing the UN Agenda 21 which will make this country part of a communist one world gov. Climate change is the word being used now to destroy our economy, bring social equity & protect our land, which will be restricted to human use in some areas. Every thing happening can be found in their document.

  3. Yeah, he's white! obozo is only 1/2 white, but prefers to be ALL black!!

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