Is George Zimmerman Guilty Of 2nd Degree Murder?


George Zimmerman Head SC Is George Zimmerman guilty of 2nd degree murder?

From the projects to the White House, February’s shooting death of punk-in-the-making Trayvon Martin has provided a ready-made call to arms for the nation’s professional race hustlers. Even the President has taken advantage of this opportunity to pimp a black death for electoral profit.

And though it isn’t surprising that much of the national media have ignored the way in which the facts of the shooting apply to Florida statute, it does seem difficult to believe that no one in the nation is interested.

Given the many conflicting stories concerning surveillance video and witness testimony, it is difficult to know what really happened on the night Martin was killed by George Zimmerman. And until all of the evidence is presented in court, all that can be stated with any degree of certainty is that the one individual privy to existing information, Florida prosecutor Angela Corey, believed there to be enough evidence against Zimmerman to charge him with 2nd degree murder.  A jury will have to decide whether her decision was inspired by fact or politics.

Florida statute defines 2nd degree murder as a killing “…evincing a depraved mind regardless of (having no regard for) human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual…”

Whether according to centuries of English common law or the terms of the Modern Penal Code, a necessary element of criminal homicide—such as 2nd degree murder in Florida– is malice.  And a person who kills another is possessed of a requisite degree of malice if he exhibits:  “the intention to kill a human being; the intention to inflict grievous bodily injury…; or an extremely reckless disregard for the value of human life…”  It is malice revealed through such a state of mind which makes the killing of another a criminal act worthy of punishment.

Given this definition and its application under Florida statute, it appears that a charge of 2nd degree murder might indeed be legitimately brought against George Zimmerman.

However, the taking of a human life only becomes criminal homicide if it is committed intentionally and without justification. And throughout the United States, “…self-defense, including the use of deadly force in self-protection, [is recognized] as a justification defense” (from Joshua Dressler’s book Understanding Criminal Law.)

Any individual who is NOT the aggressor in a confrontation is entitled to the use of force, including deadly force, “…if he reasonable believes that such force is necessary to protect himself from imminent use of unlawful deadly force by the other person.”  Nor is it necessary that an aggressor be armed with a gun, knife, or anything usually thought of as a deadly weapon. For “…‘deadly force’ is force likely to cause death or grievous bodily injury,” whether effected by a weapon OR bare hands (see Understanding Criminal Law.)

If video, witness testimony, and physical evidence clearly show Trayvon Martin the aggressor; if they reveal a violent attack by Martin sufficient to inflict “grievous bodily injury”; and if it appears that  Zimmerman made a decision to fire based upon a reasonable fear of his life or well-being, then innocent by reason of self-defense must be the verdict delivered by a properly instructed, un-biased jury.

Killing without justification is murder. Killing with the justification of self-defense is not. All George Zimmerman and Americans interested in justice can hope for is a jury of 12 honest people, unafraid to do the right thing.

Photo credit: ABC News

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  1. David F. says:

    Everyone knows Obama and the Media are feeding the Delusional People (Democrats and certain Minorities) their own version of what happened that night, in order to start a race war so Obama can initiate Marshall Law and conduct his "Takeover" of the rest of America.

  2. Another instance of the leftist media protecting black hoodlums.

  3. george zimmerman I did not know he was so young. he is very slim also. I was surprised when I saw him on tv. plus being so young I mean he just got off his parents medical insurance four years ago.

    the first time I heard this I had the idea that he was in his late thirty’s and still single. Like some kind of a weirdO out prowling around at night. not for nothing but he’s very handsome. don’t say about his friends in jailLol

  4. bill just says:

    Actually he was staying with his father, who lived there.

    • DouglasBender says:

      Actually, he was visiting (or temporarily living with) his father, who was living with his girlfriend, who lived ACROSS THE STREET from the gated community, apparently.

  5. concerned says:

    Murder? NO, the kid was a hoodlum in the making, if not now then eventually he would have come to the same end, let Zimmerman go, live his life, he preformed a civic duty, and it was in self defense.

  6. I watched the prosecutor give a campaign speech and at the end of the speech she said she was gonna charge him with 2nd degree murder. The charge was almost a footnote to her speech.

  7. It is a preposterous overcharge that could have been only justified by a grand jury. From the facts that have been presented and the context of the "stand your ground law" there is no way that this guy gets convicted unless it is another OJ Simpson jury in reverse. If this guy is convicted it will be overturned on appeal.

  8. NO!!!!!!~!!!!

  9. Any Catholic that votes for Obama should be excommunicated. No rational person, with a soul, would require the Church to perform functions which are directly against the belief of that Church. Any Catholic who opposes this is opposing the Church they belong to. And since when should ANYONE pay for someone elses abortificient uses much less have the government demand it. How dare this illigitimate, illegal, fraud in chief tell any American what to do and where the heck are those Congressmen and women who are supposed to defend and protect the Constitution. The Marines should be sent in to put him under arrest. The only people who are going to support him are illegal aliens, communists and those who do not know any better.

  10. There is no way this can be a fair court hearing. There are forces such as Jesse Jackson, al Sharpton, Farrachan and the BlackPanthers, etal, who do not want to hear anything else but murder in the first degree. These above names are bigots who feed off the black people. They do not serve their interest or care one snit about them. They only care about themselves because without the bigotry they could not earn a living. I encourage everyone to listen to evidence and be fair minded. I do not know all that happened but I want it judged on facts and not on bigotry. Time for this to end! We are all children of God. No one better than the other. Do not let these leeches keep you in covenant any longer!

  11. I have a CCW. I know the carry laws in my state and in Florida, under those laws Zimmerman should have never been arrested. Now that he is arrested the first judge this case comes in front of must throw this case out. If he does not then law has been subverted manifold and justice for Zimmerman is very much in doubt.

  12. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    No, I do not for one second beleive that Zimmerman is guilty of any degree of “murder”! I beleive that he was defending himself against a larger and meaner person, no matter the age of the other person, this thug in the making, punk in the making, gangsta wanna be! As far as “evidence that he commited a wilfull act of murder” I see no REAL EVIDENCE TO THAT “FACT”! It is circumstancial. And for me, that is not EVIDENCE, it is just another case of reverse RACISIM, from the black and brain damaged idiots who scream this word at the drop of a hat, no matter that there is no real evidence to the fact that Zimmerman shot and killed this punk from sheer malice! All we have is the media who have done the entire nation a disservice by trying and convicting this young man without any real hard evidence from anyone or anywhere! Because they all have their faces stuck so far up the behind of this RACIST MU SLIME IN OFFICE, and want to “prove” their Love Affair to be solid with him! As for sharpton, jackson and the rest, if the black people had a lick of sense in their heads, (or anywhere else) they would see that these useless tits don’t give a fart about any of them, they get into the fray only to be in the public eye and make more of a “name” for themselves and to watch their “brothers and sisters” make more of themselves the FOOLS that they really are! No! George Zimmerman isn’t guilty of anything except DEFENDING HIMSELF!

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