Is FEMA A Threat To The American Public?

FEMA truck 1024x704 Is FEMA a Threat to the American Public?

A nationwide flu outbreak could be a sufficient excuse to call up the National Guard Rapid Response Parallel support module to take control of a “national emergency” with possible declaration of martial law protocols. According to a North Carolina police lieutenant, in some three to six months declarations of martial law could be made throughout the nation. In a two part radio broadcast aired by a Virginia pastor, Lieutenant McCoy has attracted the attention of more than 20,000 listeners. “We’re in huge trouble,” he says as he calls up memories of white, granite gravestones all over Europe; gravestones marking the final resting place of veterans who died “for us” during World War II.

Tragically, many of our veterans are now referred to as potential “domestic terrorists” by President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Men who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan have been declared “risks” should they choose to purchase a firearm for private use. A devout Christian, the 31 year lawman tells listeners, “I cry. . .when guns are gone, you won’t be able to worship the Creator. . .gone. . . Freedoms gone.”

When Katrina made its way through New Orleans leaving portions of the city in ruins, George Bush praised FEMA director Michael Brown, saying “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” It was an incredible statement given the display of incompetence not only by FEMA, but by federal agencies throughout the bureaucracy. Residents of New York City can attest to the fact that things have not improved given that providing water to victims of Sandy was too complicated a task for federal relief agencies DAYS after the hurricane had passed through the area.

Perhaps it’s time to ask the true purpose of FEMA and other federal agencies. When the necessity arises, National Guard Units under martial law paradigms will be rolled out for “control of widespread domestic unrest.” A 2009 report discusses something called a Stability Police Force resembling a hybrid military/ law enforcement entity created “under the guise of controlling domestic riots.” Use of National Guard units became familiar to residents of New Orleans during the Katrina episode, so citizens may initially not consider it unusual to see guard members serving along with FEMA in these 10 regions.

Executive Orders, “…have been on the books for a half century now, empowering the Federal Emergency Management Agency to take control of everything from public and private communications, energy and transportation to housing and more.” (5) And since 9/11, the president has been given nearly limitless power, permitting officers of the Executive branch to ignore completely the constitutional rights of the American people.

In March of 2012, Barack Obama created Executive Order number 13603, entitled National Defense Resources Preparedness. “In this Executive Order, Obama essentially gave himself the authority to declare Martial Law in times of war or peace.” War OR Peace! No longer will the federal government need the excuse of a disaster to impose its full will and authority on the American public!

Lieutenant McCoy was right when he observed that “we’re in huge trouble!” The question is, will We the People have the courage to reclaim our constitutional rights?

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  1. Capt. Jerry says:

    Of course it is look who runs it, nappy Napalitino, enough said

  2. Yes by all means FEMA is a threat to America. Especially with barry in charge!

  3. Jack the FAC says:

    FEMA has been a danger to America, and Americans, since the day it was illegall conceived.

  4. robert tubear wiley says:

    this is all dramatic hog wash, fema is nothing more than a terrorist group, wake up people

  5. VirgoVince says:

    EVERYTHING about this current regime is dangerous to Americans and the rest of the free world!!!!

  6. FEMA spends most of it's budget on their camps, as one senator who signed the appropriations bill for FEMA and their camps, it's 'where they will keep all the happy people' .. ie.. Those 'sheeple' who accept gov as mom and dad will get a chip, and released back into the herd. As for those who can think and reject this absurdity, they will either be reprogrammed with drugs/mind control or they will 'disappear'.. America is in dire jeopardy.

  7. jim arvin says:

    we need to abolish fema and epa

  8. if you know your history think brown shirt


  10. HR 8791 bill says that when the martial law is in effect a new bill of rights will be written.

  11. Edwardkoziol says:

    FEMA is a real threat to America now that Obutthole is running it.First he finds the dummest person he can and finds Janet Incopatano and makes her the head of Home Land Security.Now she the fat lezzy will do his bidding she will push more to have states sued along with that coon holder when it comes to immigration .This bitch will spy on Americans rather then terrorists.Americans beware we are in serious troble with FEMA leading the way.

  12. FEMA is basically a joke! They need to tend to disasters, & that only! They have no part to play in any flu outbreak, or any other civil action. Otherwise, they need to be defunded & disbanded!

  13. No brain redneck inbreeder philosophies hard at work on this website. You should all take George Bush with you and succeed from the rest of the United States. He can be your President from here to eternity.

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Must be a lot of Yankee " red-necks"…but they're not dumb a dirt"!

    • Son, or may i call you son? because you seem as ignorant as a child. I'm guessing you voted for Obama, if so that explains everything you posted here. I will feel sorry for you, because your head is filled with Obama pixy dust, rainbows and unicorns, just like a childs mind.

    • son is one of those inbreed welfarers that voted for his pay check and can't see the light.

    • I see you left off a few letters from your name. It should be Demonic.

    • crimsonlocks says:

      Deemic, you may want to rename yourself Dimwit. You have no business calling anyone on this site a No brain redneck if you don't know to use the correct word which is "secede", not "succeed".

  14. Yes, FEMA is definitely an enemy of the US citizens. When the camps were first being built, we were told they were for emergencies, hurricanes etc. If this is true, why were they not used in New York and New Orleans?? Also what are the coffins for or should I say WHO are they for? No, FEMA is not here to help us, they will enforce Obama Law when the time comes. We have a few good men in D.C. but that is all, just a few, the rest have fallen in with Obama and what is in store for us is not a good thing. I just hope and pray that impeachment comes thru before martial law is declared. If this turns out to be a killer flu we are all in trouble.

  15. ya this country is in real trouble PEOPLE WAKE UP

  16. Eddie Fudd says:

    Armed resistence will cure most of this B.S.! Get ready boys…

  17. yes

  18. Retired Marine says:

    All the tough talking libtards will be begging for us to protect them from what they have created. You idiots never understood that history repeats itself, and we should ever be on alert for that instance of repetition that will challange freedom. When you are enslaved by the monster you have created, those of us who will fight this destruction, will have broken away or have died in the attempt. You will get exactly what you wish for, poverty, slavery, and death. You should all be proud of the communism you support, even as you and your children will die a slow death at the hands of another dictator.

  19. I wouldn't trust the Red Cross for all the tea in China. The money they collect doesn't go to the people that they money is being raised for. The money goes to pay all of the big wigs and the people that run the Red Cross. They do not help and Fema is in the same boat. Why do you think that Obammy has made millions of money since coming to office. What did the Red Cross and Fema do for the people in the Storm Sandy and Haitie? They didn't get the help. DO NOT GIVE TO THE RED CROSS AND FEMA. I give to my church under Humanitarian. AT least I know it will go to good use and not the greed government.

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