Is Benghazi Select Committee A Fool’s Errand? This “Conservative” Thinks So…

John Boehner’s announcement of the establishment of a Select Committee, with Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina as its Chairman, is the best news conservatives have had since the 2010 elections.

Watching Gowdy answering questions about the possibility of him being given the Chairmanship, it was easy to see that his wheels were turning, and that he was already thinking of questions he could finally demand answers to.

When his (and our) dream came true, and he was designated the Committee’s top questioner on Monday, we knew that the attacks on the committee and the Republicans who would serve on it were being prepared; and now they have begun to appear. One of the first of these attacks was posted by The American Thinker on Monday.

The author starts out on a faulty premise and goes downhill from there. He laments that the “political culture” has no rectitude; therefore, Mr. Gowdy and his committee are on a fool’s errand. Displaying his lack of appreciation for the powers vested in a Select Committee, the author maintains that Representative Darrell Issa’s committee has had little effect because of the media’s refusal to act as true reporters of the facts.

Nevertheless, veering into the silly, he continues, saying, “Trey Gowdy seems serious,” then incoherently mumbles about Boehner being like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

From there, he spins out of control babbling about IRS political targeting, Fast and Furious, NSA, voter fraud, and more that is impeachable about Barack Obama. His point, if indeed he had one, is lost in his litany of complaints. By that point, it’s easy to see this guy has talked to hear himself talk.

Now let’s move on to reality.

In one of his first opportunities to comment on his new assignment, a very stern and very serious Trey Gowdy said he wants to “see every single, solitary, relevant, material document” pertaining to the Benghazi murders. Gowdy, who is recognized for his skillful questioning, will not be denied the truth; and those who believe otherwise must assume the burden of proving their argument. Saying so won’t make it so.

Of course, previous Committees failed to make much of a wave. This was because the stories of Democrat criminality they focused on were, up to that point, unknown to the American people. This made it easy for the media to make the Committees seem unimportant and partisan by reporting Democrat lies and talking points as facts.

This will not be the case with the Gowdy Committee. A newly released survey shows that 72% of Americans want the truth about Benghazi. That’s not 27%, but 72% who already believe Obama is hiding the facts about the murder of four Americans. So far, the only thing Americans know is that it didn’t happen because of a Youtube video. We want the truth, and Trey Gowdy is the man to deliver it.

Arguing against that is talking to hear yourself talk.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's a fools errand only if it is met with opposition from the evil empire of the Obutthole Regime including the Butcher of Benghazi Hitlary Clinton tha talk show darling .

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