Is America A Saudi Puppet? This Guy Seems To Think So…


As William J. Murray, chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, explains:

One sentence in a recent Wall Street Journal article concerning Iraq explained why the Obama Administration will not attack the terror group ISIL, which is overrunning that nation:

“One of the biggest risks is the possibility that U.S. airstrikes against Sunni militants could be viewed across the region as an attempt by America to tip the balance of power in favor of Shiite forces. That could imperil U.S. relations with key Middle East power brokers, including Saudi Arabia.” (Wall Street Journal -Losses to ISIS in Iraq Spur U.S. to Rethink Syria – Jun 24, 2014)

The hawkish Washington Times concurred, saying:

“Oil-rich, Sunni-dominated Gulf states consider the Shiite-led regimes a threat.” (Washington Times – ISIL hell-bent on creating Islamic state to be launchpad for attacks on U.S. – June 24, 2014)

The United States is acting as the puppet military for rich Sunni Gulf states to destroy Shiite governments, including that of Syria.

Saudi Arabia and other rich Sunni states have anteed up over $50 billion so far to topple the secular-leaning Shiite government in Syria. The CIA helped to train the ISIL, which is now threatening to overrun Iraq, at camps in Jordan in 2012 at the request of the Saudi royals–allegedly to fight against Syria.

There is only one real solution to the problems of the Middle East. Instead of being the proxy warriors for the Saudi royals, the West needs to take control of Saudi Arabia and declare the oil fields the property of the citizens of that nation. Members of the Saudi royal family should have their ill-gotten wealth stripped from them worldwide and face the International Criminal Court for their crimes.

Once the Saudi center of Islamic evil in the world is gone, Western nations will be free to deal with Islamic terror elsewhere. This will also eliminate the distribution of Saudi textbooks filled with racial and religious hatred, and preaching death to democracy in Islamic schools and mosques throughout the West. That alone will bring the recruiting of terrorists to a virtual halt. It is time to act against the real threat to Western civilization – The Saudi royal family.

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