IRS Tea Party Targeting Leads Directly to Obama

According to a new report issued by the congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, it was high-level IRS staffers based in Washington and not “rogue” IRS agents in Cincinnati that targeted Tea Party groups. According to dozens of emails released by the report, Lois Lerner and literally dozens of upper level employees of the IRS not only knew about the targeting of conservative groups, but directed it. Lerner, in one email, even went so far as to call Tea Party groups “very dangerous.”

In other words, the targeting of Tea Party groups was orchestrated from Washington—literally a walking distance from the Oval Office.

Are we to believe Obama was not involved—being only steps away—when he repeatedly criticized the Tea Party, identifying them as his enemies, calling them Tea Baggers?

But here is the key to the coverup:

Obama directed the IRS to attack the Tea Party in order to affect the 2012 election. More than likely, if the Tea Party had not been weakened, Barack Hussein Obama would not be President of the United States today.

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  1. So when is Lerner going to be arrested and prosecuted??? She's clearly responsible for breaking the law. Just because she quit doesn't mean she shouldn't be held responsible!

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The biased IRS MUST be replaced by a fair/flat tax, abolishing the $13 Billion department, money that should be spent on vets. The lying, cheating, immoral, unfair, sleazy, unethical obama will do anything to keep that bias, which will never go away. Obama lied about when he first knew about this. Playing partisan politics with the tax code is about as constitutionally troubling as it gets (don’t pay your taxes). This was clearly a tactic designed to neutralize the Tea Party movement in the middle of a presidential election, and obama will say anything but he should take a polygraph. America deserve better!. These “missteps” were shear “boneheaded decisions, (“not a smidgen of corruption”)” to quote obama on O’Reilly. This usurper should not be president and should be in jail! .

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm still waiting for Pignose Lerner to be tried for something ,anything even a parking ticket.She quits gets a terrific pension and the reason is because she is protecting Pres.Sambos half black ass.We know Pignose didn't think this up on her own.If the republicans pulled this trick that big gorilla from Maryland Cummings would be demanding jail time like he did for Scooter after Bush the weasel left him out to dry.

  4. RacerJim says:

    But for the IRS targeting the Tea Party et al conservative groups, the White House lying about Benghazi, and the mainstream-media supporting Obama blaming Republicans for the government shut-down in October (over issues which Obama has since unilaterally adopted the Republicans position on) Obama would not have been re-elected.

  5. I am guessing we no longer have laws or a constitution in America. No one gets held accountable for crimes in the White House. Government take the American tax payers money but we have to voice in what that do with it our health insurance

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